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  1. Stadium and Fans

    Go to Preferences -> Display and Sound and make sure you have 'Show Stadium' and 'Show Crowd' ticked.
  2. Messi or Ronaldo

    Eh? Messi was heavily involved in the game at emirates. What match were you watching? Ronaldo is unstoppable when he's on form. His direct running and shooting is out of this world. But he doesn't offer much more then that. This means when he's not on form, and has one of his sulking moments, he completely goes missing in games. Messi has more to offer with his movement and passing, as well as his work rate and tenacity. Much like when Real got beaten 5-0 by Barca - Ronaldo sulked for the entire second half, and was virtually non existent. And during the Barca vs Man Utd CL final - Ronaldo spent the entire 90 minutes trying to do solo runs and showing off. He was pathetically bad for the entire match, while Messi ran the show and scored the winner. Both of phenomenal players. But Ronaldo is very one dimensional. He likes to run and shoot. Stop him running and shooting, and you won't see him drop back and dictate a game with intricate passing. He'll just whine and sulk.
  3. Messi or Ronaldo

    In real life, i'd take Messi without a shadow of a doubt. Don't think their is a manager on Earth who wouldn't. A complete attacking footballer. Take away Ronaldo's goal scoring ability, and he offers little to the team in terms of linking up play, keeping possession or creating chances like Messi does. Ronaldo, as world class as he is, is much more one dimensional. He's a run and shoot player. In the game though, i'd take Ronaldo.
  4. Football Manager 2011 blogs

    No rainbows? Thats crap. I'll give this year a miss. I knew there would be something missing. I'll just carry on playing FM10 - and hopefully rainbows be included in FM12.
  5. How many threads on here actually 'matter'? It obviously matters to him, because that's why he asked the question. We're not all here just to post things that will personally interest you.
  6. Beer. Loads of it. Can't play FM without beer.
  7. Zinedine Zidane

    That's absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!
  8. Something for the weekend

    Nah, i'm glad they don't change. Each country has its own footballing culture which reflects on the style of football people play. All it means is that certain geographical areas which produce a more common type of player. South Americans will have higher flair, Mediterranean players will have good technique, northern European players will be known for their work rate and determination, african players will have greater physical attributes etc etc. It doesn't mean ALL players will be like this, just that it will offer a template. You'll still get an English player with world class technical stats and flair, just like you'll get a brazilian player with great physical attributes and high work rate and determination - and an African player with crap pace and strength, but great technical ability. It just makes it more realistic that the majority of players from a particular country reflect the footballing philosophy of the nation.
  9. Anelka was in madrid when Henry moved to Arsenal.
  10. Yep, i'm gonna take 2 weeks off work, tell people i've gone abroad, stock my fridge up with enough food and beer to last me the 2 weeks, turn off my phone, buy myself a fresh new comfy computer chair - and then i'm going to spend a couple of minutes special 'alone time' with the box, then get cracking on with a career game.
  11. 100 Games

    Er...let me think....um..oh yeh, it was the amount of goals my Star Striker scored in one Premiership season.
  12. 100 Games

    Completely random coincidence! Someone asked 'that must be around 110 seasons' - and it just clicked that I could say 108, and have my username back it up lol. Never occurred to me about the FM08 - me joining in 2006 - situation though. Should have put more thought into it.
  13. 100 Games

    Yeh, course i'm making it up - just wanted to see Dafuge's reaction lol. Would never happen. I can't hold a save down for more than 5 seasons, let alone 108. Plus my computer would probably burn up and die. Anyway, without screenshots no one is going to take it seriously. I give it to ya though, you guys are sharp lol.
  14. 100 Games

    It was FM 08, which i've been playing until about march this year.