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    wakes up thinking about my team on FM. Am I wrong?

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  1. tried that and when I try to load the data when I start a new game this happens.
  2. I've tried to save it with a different name but its makes me save it as pne.fmf for example even if I try to remove the dot
  3. Thanks BP will try this first. Just haven’t had time to trawl through the whole forums to find it. Thanks for your help
  4. No worries thanks for trying to help.
  5. No just trying to use the editor on a different computer. I’ve now deleted the editor and game from the other computer but still can’t get the editor data to work on a new career mode. It will let me save it but not add it to the database when I start a new career. Never had this problem before in previous years of FM but seem to with this years game.
  6. I’m not sure BP. Does it need to be? I think it doesn’t show me whether it is in the same files.
  7. When I make changes and try to save the database changes I save the file but I can’t get the changes to appear to add to the database when I try and start a new career.
  8. For the first time on the FM19 editor I’m really struggling to save my changes and incorporate them into a new career. Just wondering if there’s a guide somewhere I can use to get it to work. Please help!
  9. Can the FM19 editor work on two computers?? I can save editor data but can't use it on a new career mode. I have the editor still on another computer which I don't use but would this be the reason why it won't work on the computer I am using?
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