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  1. You would have to wait, but if you really want another team you could reload save til you get a team you like.
  2. No, there could not .. you cant make the game sim any faster then holiday.
  3. - add_my_chairman Make your own chairman - add_my_jouranlists Make your own journalist - add_my_media_source Make your own media source - alliteration_adjectives Positive Adjectives used in alliteration engine - sugardaddy All sugardaddy's in the game. - valid_takeovers_only Well its obvious, lists VALID takeovers for different nations. - dafuges_challenge09 Retains the players for defuges challenge - team_holland Not sure, it lists some players from holland
  4. I don't get people who hate steam.. Steam is awesome. Go in the bios .. click del button when you turn on your pc .. If you cant view your dvd-drive there then your windows is busted or the drive is.
  5. If you cant get it fixed you can add the key to steam and download it.
  6. None of them, try Gremio .. Brazil is fun.
  7. Anything above 1024x768
  8. CM93: Cambridge City FM09: Gremio FBPA
  9. Brazil! Força Grêmio!
  10. It's Nottm Forest, thank you very much.
  11. You can't use youth contracted players .. so 16+ only.
  12. Just install steam in C:\WINDOWS\Web\printers or something. Off course you need to hide it from add/remove software applet .. you could do this .. but be careful (assuming he has xp and not vista)
  13. Right click steam icon on the try .. click settings .. click interface .. uncheck run steam when windows starts .. click okey