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  1. ok just some FYI, as you all already know Damiao is a monster in the game (IRL he's good as well) so to compare him to Neymar I would say -> No competition at all. I have used both players before (just for fun - you can't buy Neymar on a cheap though) and Neymar could not produce the form like Damiao did. Damiao is really a goal machine (easily 30goals+) no problem but for Neymar, probably the closest he can get is near 20goals (IF he played consistently). In FM I found out that Neymar is not really a goal getter and if you noticed, more teams are interested in Damiao compared to Neymar (at least all the games I played in, I seriously didn't notice 1 team interested in Neymar)
  2. thanks guys... but i've tried like you said. the fmrte.exe didnt appear in task manager... waited since just now. sigh... wanted to use this masterpiece... anyone help ?
  3. i've installed .net 3.5 and download FMRTEv2.0.0081.rar. extracted it to a folder but unable to launch the editor. double clicked and nothing comes out... the .rar only comes with .exe and language folder ? sorry im a bit noob in this thing... can help ?
  4. cockyhammer... i have the same problem like yours. i think it could be the widescreen problem. but even though i've changed the resolution to 1024x768, or lower... i still couldn't view the editable column for the finances etc... someone please help.
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