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  1. Thanks a lot for your work Hough, I especially enjoy your 4-1-2-2-1 tactics.
  2. Will you be updating the 41221 Against the grain tactics or making a new 4-5-1 tactic?
  3. I have been using your 4-5-1 against the grain tactic on three different saves. One with a top club (Juventus), don't think I even lost one game. (played two seasons) Then with a crappy Norwegian second division team, which performed above all expectations. (Was predicted 12th, finished 5th, mind you I took over in the middle of the season so there was certain limitations as to how I could finish) And lastly with a German second division team (though here I have been having some problems), but I don't think it is the tactics fault. As in many matches I had the most CCC's and statistically
  4. Set 4 looks like it could really suit the current Juventus squad. Previously I used your set 1 on FM2011, and did great, though I did buy Hazard which was absolute killer on the left side. Also, Del Piero did an awesome job playing in the AMC position.
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