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  1. I want more attributes like Heading -passing, Heading -shooting, We have different attributes for passing, finishing, crossing; why not this? Also, Free kick taking -crossing and Free kick taking -shooting. To Erik7; those attributes you talk about are different and required but this is not really the right place to discuss.
  2. An 'apologize to the player' interaction son you can reset his likes/dislikes for you. Or tell me exactly why he likes/dislikes me. Or reduce the affect of likes/dislikes, team-talks, press confs. A player with 195 ca never gets above 7 rating because he hates me and there is officially nothing I can do about it.
  3. How about asking people for face pictures and using them contributed ones with regens. Facegen technology is VERY ugly.
  4. Anyone remember Pele from CM1955? Always turned super world-class. I used to win everything with him. I never had a better player in CM/FM.
  5. So which one should I sign? They are anti-wonderkids No wonder why he's alone in under 19s. Sergio looks worse but is much braver so he sucks but at least he's not afraid of it. Plus he has much more stamina so he can suck for longer. His high teamwork means he is likely to make his teammates suck too. And he has high positioning so he knows where to suck that has to be a good thing. And 5 in concentration means he'll suck consistently because he's just so focused on it. Hector on the other hand is much more aggresive meaning he will suck but he will look cool doing it. And he has better technique so he'll do better unless he has to kick the ball over 2 meters away. And he has more agility so he can suck more in a set amount of time. His higher influence means he'll spread his awesomeness to the team especially if made captain. He'll also do better in free-kicks if the opponents can't stop laughing becuase he's likely to trip over while running to take the kick. so which one?
  6. I read about about someone who won 12 straight wins with team a who were predicted to be 9th. Is it because of the manager's reputation? If so I suggest another variable called short-term reputation (invisible or not) which won't affect world reputation but will allow you to win MOTM prize on occasions like that.
  7. come on, surely rafael in RB, evans in LB Vidic, Ferdinand CB and one of the 3 CM's as an ST is a much better idea. Looking back at that game now he could even make another substitution.
  8. He missed a clear cut chance... Ferguson is really getting old now
  9. I have a player recently recovered from injury. His condition is 87%. As suggested in in-game tips I want to bring him on as a substitute to rebuild fitness. In selection detals game says the players is 'Tired'. But that and 87% condition are not very descriptive. I'd rather have it say 'Fit for 10 mins', 'Fit for 30 mins' etc. in selection details instead of or near 'Tired'.
  10. Good tactic. Let him go then excite your fans by his prospect instead of his football
  11. In 2013 I had enough and offered him a contract; but he joined Espanyol instead!!! Now he still wants to join me two times a month... Gaaahahhhh! Ps. I wanted to nickname him "Wants Man City Post" so it would say Franco "Wants Man City Post" Baldini wants Man City Post. But apparently you have limited characters.
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