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  1. Thanks knap ill take that on board but work on one of these as a base
  2. Hi, there are so many different versions of this tactic on here I am slightly confused. I counted like 8! What is the difference between them all? Presumably they are different shades of attacking/defending but any idea which is which. Sorry if i am being a bit thick! Also what does SUS mean.
  3. No anti virus, laptop is brand new and haven't purchased anything. I have attached the dxdiag thing you requested. Thanks again for your time looking into this, I appreciate it. DxDiag.txt
  4. I am getting lag during the matchday no matter what I do. The game gives my laptop a 3 star graphics rating, but even when I lower them to the absolute minimum there is still lag. Not very technical so could be something I am doing wrong, these are my system settings; Graphics card – Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 Ram – 8GB Processor – Intel Core i5, 2.5GHz / 3.1 GHz Windows 10
  5. This is definitely an excellent tactic and I am seeing some terrific results. However the middle of my three midfielders the deep lying playmaker, frequently has poor ratings no matter who I play there. Anyone else finding this? what stats are important here would you say?
  6. can anyone help me out here. I have been using this tactic a while now, it has been massively successful. The only thing is because it works so well im scared to update the game. think im two updates behind now (im on 15.1.4)!!! Im worried as soon as I do it will loose its effectiveness! Anyone finding the same success with this after 15.2 update?
  7. I'm only 8 games into testing this out and I have won 7 and lost 1. I was even unlucky to lose that one. I'm playing as Torquay, so not a top side (although Im a couple of seasons in and have a decent squad). I already had a decent tactic but this one beats it! My only slight criticism is the ST doesn't seem to perform too well, doesn't seem to score much or get very good ratings. May be my striker (but he was top league scorer last season). I might have a play around with changing hi role a little bit...
  8. Selling players seems impossible. This seems to have been an issue for years now, and its fairly unrealistic. It is very rare in real life a club can't get rid of a player and tends to be only when an average player is on massive wages. In the game you can't even give players away. It makes managing in the lower divisions much less fun as selling on players you have developed is a key part of managing at that level.
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