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  1. In the early days of CM/FM, you could see in your upper bar with the positions if a player was selected but unavailable (the position became red iirc). This was very handy when using the unavailable-filter (so you don't have to turn on/off your filters constantly), but the feature dissapeared one day... So my simple question: can it come back in future versions?
  2. Read a couple of months ago a thread about it on these forums with a few good ideas like minor changes in reglementations about subs, foreigners, etc., maybe some news coverage about your experience, more long term financing (doens't have to be the manager that does that can be the club) , more emphasis on some records, ... No things that really change the game totally, but stuff that breaks the routine and that really make you feel that you are playing in eg 2015 and not in 2005 with just other players. But I know it's very easy to say and very hard to get right (and to test).
  3. A few details: - It could be nice if media asks you if player X or Y is going to play: if you look at important matches irl, there is always some speculation about who plays and who's on the bench. Sometimes managers keep their line-up secret to the press till the start of the match as a sort of mindgame. Now in FM you only choose your line-up right before the match so even the players themselve have to wait (even on long distance away-matches). I don't know how it is best done (without making it dull), but it would be nice to have an option to release your squad early/at the latest moment to the press and to your players (eg. you could actually tell the press a wrong line-up a couple of days before a final to blind your opponent, an tell your players the right line-up). - 2D engine: More off-pitch action: reserves warming up at the line, coaches don't stay on bench,... + maybe an option to disbale this feature (make the game faster; some people are only interested in the pitch) - Training stages in winter and/ or summer: eg. Team A goes for 1 week to country X to train and to play against Team Y - More long term career specials: New options/features/media coverage/... that comes available after 5/10/15 seasons to make it more atractive to play a long career.
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