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  1. is that a good thing, for it to be easy and quick? is that realism? save easy and quick for the fm classic chaps i reckon
  2. i may be jumping the gun here a little as it's only been out 5 minutes, but i am struggling to understand the new tactic system. the old sliders were perhaps not the most realistic option, but you did at least feel you had control over many aspects of the game, whereas with this new system the instructions you give the team and the players are so generalised and vague, it's hard to pin point what's going right and what's going wrong. whilst it's true many real life managers don't go into specific detail and will dish out general instructions, there are many who will let their players know exactly where to be on the pitch at any given point, where to be when in possession and when without. the best tactic system fm ever had was some years ago, i forget how many, where you could arrange your team just like that - if the ball is here, then your team lines up like this. they should bring that back. as it stands my first impression of this new system is a bit of a mess. am i alone in this?
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