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  1. seeing a few problems with this i just want to check that u can do what i want with this program before i download. can i build a new stadium via the editor as my board have said the council will not expand the stadium and they dont look like building a new one.
  2. Latimerinho, i've used steam and that is not the issue, it is the softanchor part that is creating the errors. i activated with STEAM and now have to use the key again with softanchor. this is where i am getting error (-703)
  3. and clicking back so i can re-enter my product key says "your trial period has EXPIRED!" what?! i bought it from the shop an hour ago
  4. "We were unable to process your unlock request. To receive a new key, please visit sigames.com. Error (-703)" Can anybody help. originally had the same issue with no internet connection.
  5. intel series - a lot of these dont seem to run 3d even though they are higher than min requirements. still no announcement from si about this despite many threads on technical issue forum!
  6. u seen maradona nowadays?!
  7. hahaha, cheers mate. no beer belly for u then!
  8. personal question, how old are u? lol this guys 30. and the funny thing is he kept beating my 6 foot 4 striker to headers!
  9. 8st 9oz and only 5 foot 3 inches. poor guy....and he's from argentina!
  10. 8st 9oz and only 5 foot 3 inches. poor guy....and he's from argentina!
  11. Southend till i die! And in the prem, finally by 2016!