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  1. Morale

    I am just curious as to what other people's feelings on morale in FM11 are. I will start with an example: I am managing Farnborough, first season i sneak through the play-offs and get promoted to the Blue Square Prem, 2nd season i am predicted to struggle but finish a modest 12th. 3rd season, after signing a few players and improving the team i find myself sitting 2nd in the league after 14 games despite being predicted to finish 15th. Everyone is happy, yay. Now this isn't a boast of how well i've done, i feel i need to show what i've done (albeit only over 2+a bit seasons) with the club to determine the degree of trust the players/fans/staff should have in me. Now - Im on a 4-game win streak and im home to Altrincham (23rd) in the league. I get beat 1-0 and generally put in a sub-standard performance therefore i tell my team im angry with them for the performance, bar the odd player who got above a 6.9 AVR. Next game im at home to Forest Green (18th) in the league and i see that virtually all my players are 'Okay' morale. Fair enough, however, i check Forest Green's players and they're mostly 'Good' or 'Very Good' despite them winning once in the last 4 games! Surely this isn't right? After proving my worth over the first 2 seasons, my players must have a fairly decent trust with me and should maybe think "well if he's unhappy then it must be for a reason" rather than just a blanket dissapointment. Am i wrong to think that maybe the morale might need a little tweaking considering it does affect matches quite a lot?
  2. Oh no, what have i started!? Cheers for the replies, I will try doing it the manual way for a change. I never tried this before as even when not using the set-piece creator it still says "Attack near post (Swap with ........ ).
  3. What is the actual reason we can only set 1 player to do each of these things for corners on FM11? I dont understand why I can't have more than 1 person 'lurking outside the area' or 'attacking the near/far post' if I want to. Hell, if i want to have all 10 outfield players doing either of those things then surely i should be able to as the manager. Just curious to see if anyone knows the reasons this has changed from previous FM's. And before i have my head bitten off - i have searched the forums for an answer with no luck.
  4. Injury crisis - any ideas?

    Easy - sacrifice the Arsenal game. If you're 10 points clear after 35 games then i'd assume Fulham (home) and Hull (away) should be relatively straight-forward matches. If you risk more of your players and they get injured then you could not only lose the match but put your Champions League bid in jeopardy. If it was me, id play my youth, write that match off and concentrate on beating Fulham.
  5. 08, 09 or 10?

    09 until Patch 10.2.
  6. Am I being unfair to SI here?

    In all fairness to SI, FM2010 was extensively tested and i know this because i was a beta tester. The really strange thing i noticed was that the final builds up to release were near perfect THEN when i bought the full game it seemed to have taken a huge backwards step. Long shots and rubbish full-backs etc were not a problem just before the gold release but they obviously are on the full game. :confused: That is something i simply can't explain.
  7. Am I being unfair to SI here?

    Long shots and crap fullbacks are pretty much ruining it for me. Example: I gave FM2010 a break a few weeks back out of frustration then one day decided to load it back up. I played 2 games, first one was fine and dandy. Next game im 2-0 up after 30 mins and again, everything is going well... then the opposition score 3 goals, all from 20+ yards, all Messi-like pearlers and all this from a mid-table Blue Square Prem' team! And yeah its probably "my tactics" even though i play an anchor man with high closing down and zonal marking which seemed to do sod all to stop the long shots. Personally im gonna swerve it now until the next patch is out and i'll see if these problems are addressed. I simply cant play the game until they are. When you pick the worst team from all the English leagues and you're trying to battle up to the top, the last thing you need it the AI magically scoring 20+ yard specials all day long with players who have 6 for "long shots".
  8. Surely a bug?

    Looks like an error but not a game-stopper.
  9. passing a medical

    Bizarre. Do you have any physio's employed? These may sound like stupid questions but i honestly dont know any reason why a perfectly healthy player would fail a medical unless its something kinda obvious you're overlooking.
  10. passing a medical

    is he injured? if so, how long for?
  11. This issue was spotted in testing but unfortunately a fix couldn't be arranged for release or patch 1. Hopefully should be addressed for patch 2 in January
  12. Mistaaaaaaake.

    Im amazed that it's been a good few hours and most of the issues seem to be with installing. Hope that's a good sign. I may be biased but i certainly think FM10 is the best out-the-box version so far.
  13. Mistaaaaaaake.

    Think i'll just stick and suffer for my stupidity. I was lucky enough to be chosen to test FM10 hence my 2 full seasons. I didnt go out and buy it at midnight and stay up all night playing on it.... honest....
  14. No problems for me. Had a few moments during the install where it seemed to freeze for a few minutes but a bit of patience got me through that.
  15. Mistaaaaaaake.

    What about the rep ive built up over the 2 years? Dont players play better when they've been under your control for a while, know your tactics and management style etc etc. If i add a new manager isnt that going back to square 1?