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  1. Stadium

    go to board room, then make board request(bottom left of screen). Should be an option to expand the stadium, board might say no though.
  2. i get the cannot connect to interent aswell, when i click back to where you enter the key code, above that it says Your trial period has EXPIRED Please visit sigames.com. Is this the same for everyone else??
  3. sorry dont understand your question??
  4. got mine from play.com, just waiting for email about the sleeve now.
  5. thanks for reply, yeah will try running 4 leagues then, any maybe up the ram to 2gb.
  6. ah rite, thought i was missing out on something for a minute lol.
  7. was there a code for getting it cheaper when buying with play.com then?
  8. the demo played fine, but how many leagues to you think i could run with this spec, the most if ever did on fm08 was 3. AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+ 2.40Ghz 1.50 GB Ram 128 ATI Radeon x1300 graphics card thanks in advance
  9. play have just posted the game , should be with me by friday at the latest.
  10. just ordered with game.co.uk, hopefully will come by friday.
  11. If i ordered with GAME which i am thinking about, will there have to be someone at home to sign for it? cause i know that play.com just send it out in normal post and put it through letterbox.
  12. When sending a player on from the bench should be able to give a mini team talk sort of thing. Like 'go get me a goal' or something like that.