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  1. Feeling incredibly dense here as I've sorted the transparency stuff but I can't seem to figure out where I need to place the new background image, any help? Edit - Managed to figure it out now, As it turned out I was being a bit dense but it's done now. Thanks for sorting the base skin though, great work
  2. Really nice work with these, thanks a lot for doing them. I'm much happier with the look of my game now I've got these panels in, though I had to ditch the kit thing from the bottom left in option 2, really can't stand those things.
  3. Yeah my bad for caring about a minor gamer issue rather than a possible minor issue with the game. It's probably my tactics or something, that's why "Unless they cease to exist Bayern will always be the biggest club in Germany due to their fanbase" because hey things never change right.
  4. Given that it seems to irk so many people then yeah I'd say it does matter. At least as much as anything discussed on a forum for a football manager game possibly could. If we're just going to mark things off as well that doesn't matter, get over it territory then there's little point to any of it. Now as for the point about them starting off as higher reputation clubs. Yep you're absolutely right but my issue is with the game seemingly not adapting to how things have changed in game since the beginning of the save and just what the reputation is based off. Why are Bayern regarded as a more reputable club for instance? what does the game base any of it on? That's what I'd like to know. However further to your point of them starting off as more reputable, that in no way explains how someone can manage an already established side such as Real Madrid and take them on to be extremely dominant and yet still find a number of clubs regarded as having better reputation. As has happened on other saves.
  5. All leagues are 4 stars since the Prem dropped from 4.5 stars and the Bundesliga is the most reputable league. I get what you're saying but it does seem like you're grasping at straws really. In all manners you could quantify we are the most successful side in the World over a period spanning more than a decade. If that doesn't make us the most reputable team then clearly there's something else at play here rather than just what we have won and how much money we have. Perhaps the game just doesn't adapt or takes far too long to adapt, I don't know.
  6. Actually Stuttgart have zero Champions League titles at the start of the save so we've won 12 now since it began. Madrid have 11 total. So by your logic if we win 22 then we'll be more reputable than the Bayern side that have finished behind us in the Bundesliga for over a decade yes? Or the Barcelona side that finished 5th last season and are competing in the Europa League.
  7. Ah right, I remember uploading stuff during the beta last year so I wasn't 100% whether it was intentional this time around. Anyway, cheers for that.
  8. Are the social log ins such as Youtube, Twitter and Twitch meant to be greyed out for the beta? or is it just something happening to me?
  9. That's what I figured but the scouts I've got doing that haven't improved at all in the nations that they were decreasing in, I figured my Scandinavian scout would rightly roam the region and when he did Iceland again he would go back to 100% in that for a short while until he moved on but he doesn't it just remains at the decreased level. I guess that's just how it works but it would be nice if that kind of knowledge fluctuated as they moved in and out of nations, I've not really attempted to boost my scouting so much before so I'm not really an expert on it but I figure that with these limitations there's a maximum you can achieve scouting wise and given that your knowledge comes from Scouts, Coaches, Feeder clubs and other staff members including board members I would assume it's impossible to get anywhere near 100% worldwide
  10. ^ Sounds like another solid idea for an FMC Unlockable
  11. Yeah I'm not too bothered about it as I'm happy with my scouting being as high as it is but it would be nice if you get someone to 100% of a nation that he maintained that as long as he was set to scout the region with that nation in it, I mean he's currently roaming Scandinavia so he is still spending some time in Iceland (assuming roaming is working correctly) so it would be a nice addition if him being stationed and roaming in that region at least maintained his acquired knowledge of the nations in it
  12. Hey guys, I've recently been trying to maxmise my scouting knowledge as best I can on a particular save and I've got it from 30% up to 64% which I'm more than happy with but at one point I had full 100% knowledge in 4 regions which has now decreased to 2 regions. Now I achieved 100% in those regions by signing coaches/scouts with knowledge of the countries required for the most part and then in the nations where I couldn't recruit someone with knowledge of I assigned certain scout to those nations Those scouts came back and got to 100% in those nations which in turn boosted me to 100% in the region, I then set those scouts to roaming in their region and left it at that but I've noticed that their knowledge of nations began to decrease. Claus Lundekvam for instance was told to scout Iceland, a nation where he had no knowledge iirc and once he'd gotten in to 100% I then set him to roaming Scandinavia thinking that roaming that region would maintain his 100% knowledge of the nations there but his Icelandic knowledge has decreased to 60% and my Scandinavian region knowledge to 92% along with it So I just wanted a bit of clarification if anyone could on whether this will always happen and if there's anyway to maintain the 100%? because if not then it's likely not something I'll bother with overly in the future
  13. Twice the distance from the middle to the end Good news about the patch though, I've been playing throughout but the corner goals can be incredibly frustrating - especially when you watch your own CB stop it going out for a goal kick by nutting it back into his own 6 yard box where it then ends up in the back of the net
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