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  1. Hi, I've never dabbled with skinning before. However, I tend to like to praise all three of my best performers in training, and criticise the worst three. This takes a lot of menu clicking every week, expecially if I also do reserves and U18s. so I was wondering, as the Training Perfomance panel of the Training Week In Review window comes with a praise/criticise button for the top performers, would it be possible to add a button to the 2nd/3rd place performers too?
  2. For what its worth I run Windowed 1080p and usually have zoom set to 100% or 95%
  3. I'm having exactly the same issue (on two different PCs). Resize the touchline tablet to my liking (tabs), and when it pops up after the next highlight it has returned to default size.
  4. The thing that confuses is me why its fine as a "standard" db, but when its converted to "advance" it goes nuts.
  5. Error in Nation Rules [DATE] [LEAGUE] promoted and relegated teams do not match up for [LEAGUE] (x relegated) and [LEAGUE] (x promoted) (extra teams requested = 0) Check to make sure [LEAGUE] uses Flexible Format Rules
  6. So the database doesn't have advance rules. However, when I convert to advanced rules (even without making any changes in a seemingly fully working custom database) I get an ERROR IN NATION RULES when testing the rules. How come?
  8. I've downloaded a custom database that I'm enjoying, but it has a limited squad size that I'd like to change. It seems that for whatever reason youth players (u18/21/23) have to be added to the squad in the same way that every other player does. I can't seem to find anything in the pre game editor that allows me to essentially waive the need for registering these youth players for the squad (ie they don't count towards the squad limits, but are available for selection). I know the rule exists as I believe its on by default in England, but this DB is in the USA and I can't seem to find the sett
  9. I'm trying to create a league that's not too dissimilar to what happens in Belgium (I think); 16 teams, 30 game "regular" season. Then the league splits into 3 groups 1st group is a 5 team mini league who play each other twice to decide the top 5 positions (2 promotion spots and 3 playoff places) 2nd group is another 5 team mini league who also play each other twice (the last remaining playoff place up for grabs for the winner) 3rd group is the relegation shootout for the remaining six teams who also play each other twice, three go down. I'm guessing
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