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  1. There are lot of curves on these charts but i think it's better to compare datas. Strength for all field position : Aerobic for all field position :
  2. In the next graph, then i try to verify this and add a filter on the position of the player. (i.e :DC =20, (AML=20 or AMR=20), ...) First, we note a difference depending on the reputation of the clubs. This is probably due to the fact that players who belong to these teams have higher potential and best mental traits attributes. General (All players) : Physicals attributes progresses hardly before the age of 18 years then increase is significant until 24 and then stagnated until 30 years and then decrease quickly. For top team (Squad rep > 6000) : Physical attributes progress is
  3. I hope that you can understand my Frenchglish . What we know: If the player is young then rapid CA growth. At a certain age, CA is growing more difficult and then stagnates Finally, when he is old, the CA decreases. It's difficult to see this progress in our own game with only 30 to 40 players in our teams. Also, how to check this rule? My statement is : If this is true during the game, it should be true at the beginning of the game. Also, I started a game with more than 79,000 players, and then extract data to import them in a database. Then, it's easy to query datas to check CA pr
  4. a better chart with Strikers, central defender and wingers. For CB : physical attributes increases until 26 For ST : physical attributes increases until 25 For Wingers : physical attributes increases until 22 For CB : physical attributes decreases from 31 For ST : physical attributes decreases from 29 For Wingers : physical attributes decreases from 29
  5. May be FM data can help us ? I extracted 80 0000 player's datas from my game, then filtered it with PA and position. Look at this charts : Strikers versus Central defenders
  6. As usually, very good thread . I tried your schedules with Tom & Jerry and compare results to my previous player's tests progression. Tom and jerry are strikers. At this time, I just evaluated "under 18" schedule for striker. Black curve : basic schedule, no tutoring As you can see, the highest level is reached with SFrazer's Schedules. And what about Strength and Aerobic ? After 1st year : - Klunk's Schedule : +8,20 % - Heavy personal schedule : +9,46% (it's a just a test schedule created only for these tests. I never use it : p ) - SFrazer's schedule : + 10,41%
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