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  1. I seem to score more (with fewer chances) by playing standard(or counter) instead of control. Will return (hopefully) with emipirical evidence later...
  2. Cheers dude. Sorry for stealing your thread. Still having great results using your tac: 32 PL games /22W/10D/0L. 57-12. Rock solid defense.
  3. Thay are all kind of slow or have low acceleration. I use DCR/DCL with at least 14/14 acc/pace. DC may be slower.
  4. Southampton should work brilliantly with this. Best wingbacks in PL. Wanyama is a beast. Schneiderlin and JWP as playmakers. Gaston/Lallana on wings, with Lambert heading home the goals.
  5. Yeah! Still great. 24 played, 20W, 3D, 1Loss. And the loss was a meaningless CL games away against Dinamo. 14 clean sheets. 41 goals for, 9 goals against. Using ease off tackles on the fullback, but not using the stay on feet. And of course no opposition instructions. Think I have really well suited players for this tac: Stirling AMR, Coutinho AML. Wanyama and Honda CM. Kelly, Sakho, Umtiti CD, And Shaw/Clyne Wingbacks. Akinfeev in goal is a beast, 15G /1 conceded. And Striker is a brazilian regen with 20 finishing/18 heading.
  6. Not using OI spares me a few red card. But still theres too many, but that wil be resolved in the new patch.
  7. Having good results too: 9 games /7w/2d/0l. 22-2 goals. Liverpool 3 season. Having a strong squad but not scoring before. Preferred striker has 7goals in 5 games. Mostly headers.
  8. I've tried most roles. He seem to work best when i keep him away "from goal" in a deep lying role/ false 9. Does everyting right until the shot. Well with a bit of tweaking on this issue, the free-kicks, the fullbacks, the ratings and the corners, I think we should have the best FM yet.
  9. Suarez scored 14 goals in 28 first season för me. 4 Penalties, 9 rebounds and 1 long shot. He missed every 1 on 1 or open shot. A total of 140 shot atempts. So he hidn't lack opportunities. But I guess it my tactic that is broken.
  10. Has anyone actually seen a direct free kick goal? My free kick takers has 17 and I have produced A LOT (maybe 100) really good opportunyties in my 30PL games so far. Arseal is leading the DFK leage with 2 goal, no other team has scored 2. And then we got the issue of the shooting. To summarize it my centre back is my leading goal scorer. And i produce around 25 shots/12-15SOG/ 1-4 CCC every game. I am leading the PL tho, but thats just because I have adapted to this. Cheers!
  11. Allright: Here's the pic. http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/9508/pool1516.jpg
  12. Liverpool season four. Running a tight budget and developing youngsters. Currently on a 16 game win streak in the PL. Very unexpected, becuse I sold off many players during the summer. Scoring plenty of goals also! Should maybe upload a pic (if i knew how) to make this more credible... Cheers mate, great tac!
  13. I'm getting some realy good results with this. Unreal accually. Allmost too good.
  14. Funny thing happened at the end of season 2/start of third: Spurs enquired about Hendo (who had played mostly cup games and preformed average at best), I demand 35M Euros, and they put it on the table within a day. Cash. Like a sir.
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