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  1. I'm not in front of the game right now so can't check, but I'm pretty sure I was able to request extra first team coaches but not extra youth coaches. The board already think I have too many, so maybe that's why it's not available?
  2. I'm not sure if this only changed for FM17, or if it was in FM16 as well - I didn't play that much last year - but I can't seem to find any way to make a board request for extra youth coaches? Is this tied to the academy level or something like that?
  3. Is it possible to view the full match in FMT 2016 (iPad version)?
  4. Any reason? Don't see why full match shouldn't be an option if the match engine is the same as the PC version?
  5. Is there some reason why we can't watch the full match in this? Or am I missing something?
  6. I'm really enjoying the game. One small issue that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere: I've seen quite a few instances of set pieces being taken with the taker's weak foot. This pretty much never happens IRL, even with ostensibly "two footed" players.
  7. Of course. My original comment was about people assuming that everyone plays the game the same way as them; it wasn't a criticism of those who watch the games in 2d.
  8. Which is absolutely fine, but doesn't necessarily mean you are in the majority.
  9. It will never cease to amaze me how many people on this forum assume that the vast majority of people play the game the exact way they do. I very much doubt that "the majority of people are still using 2d". Isn't it funny how the one thing that EVERYONE is crying out for is also the one thing that every individual poster wants the most?
  10. I was under the impression that any manager could get involved in training, and the differentiation between tracksuit and tactical manager was only used for initial weighting of attributes. Therefore the "tactical" manager could still train his/her players, they just wouldn't be very good as it. Is this not the case?
  11. Does taking a player on trial reveal all their attributes instantly or will they need to train with my team for a while before they are revealed?
  12. Actually, you can do this. I worked out how by accident. Enter a game and set your fullbacks to mark the opposition wingers. Then save the tactic in Archived Tactics. Once the match is done load up the tactic as your default and the instructions will be set for every match. I'm not sure how this works if you face an opponent who is playing a narrow formation with no wingers but every time the opponent plays wide men it's worked for me.
  13. Has the option to display player attributes graphically (bar chart) been removed? I can't find it anywhere.
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