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  1. Following up on my previous post - Still !FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112 2nd season with Rotherham - I changed mentality to balanced against the bigger teams, other than that just used as is. Instant result skin used. Plenty of transfers. Mostly the usual young talents though. SO in terms of ability we should be fighting for mid-table at best imo. Definitely overachieving big time with this. Crazy.
  2. !FM19.2.1BEOWULF424KnapP112 Playing as the worst team in the Championship 1st season, Roterham. Hammered Ajax and Celtic away from home in pre-season, so was expecting good, but this is just silly. Promotion with 11 games to go, and beating Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool to win the CCup (so we're in Europe next season already). Thanks for sharing Knap!
  3. Ah sorry, wasn't when I downloaded it - it's the 32 clean sheets one from beta.
  4. It literally says in the first word of the post you quoted - Anchor
  5. Very nice. Fun fact. I bought Grønli in my Rosenborg save to, but didn't wanna retrain him so he went to exactly Blackburn on loan and he's been youth player of the month twice for them He's beginning to look like a real gem now (especially with how good he is at corners/free-kicks to). Are you just using him in ML/MR position without retraining?
  6. Anchor version is stupidly good with underdogs. Won everything (including Champions League) with Rosenborg from Norway first season (actually 1,5 season cause Norway start in January). 10 of the conceded goals in the league came in the last 7 matches when we had already won the league - not sure if that's a coincidence. Bit lucky vs Man Utd second time we met them, but most matches we deserved the results we got, so this was no fluke. You already broke FM2019 Knap. Wasn't expecting it to go this fast. Our players are around 120-130 ability on average, so this is not normal. Thanks!! *edit* Forgot to say I played every match on Instant Result and with Balanced mentality (only change from original, which is Attacking)
  7. Yea, I'm sorry but that just makes no sense to me. You don't want us to use it, but you'll let us have it if we make a custom skin to use it. It makes no sense to not just have it as a checkbox in the preferences when the functionality is already there. Just like turning off attribute masking and probably a dozen other options that aren't on by default. Making something available but hard to use just because is... I actually don't have a good word for that.. actually I do, but I'd rather not go there. But whatever. I bought the game already, but I'll just wait with playing it until someone spends their free time turning an option that is actually already there on then.
  8. Fair enough, but then why make it so easy to add through skinning. Doesn't add up to me. You could just add it as a not-default option.
  9. I don't understand why you can't just give us the option of a "instant result / simulate match" skin out of the box. It would cost you next to nothing to make in man hours (probably more like minutes for people that know how). PS! Because some nitpick is probably gonna say it.. Yes I know there'll probably a custom one available in no time, that's not the point. Something that easy to make, that so many use, should be in the game by now.
  10. Dunno why people are outraged by that. Seemed a clear penalty. As clear as the one Boateng gave away last match. His hand has no business being out there and he blocks the header.
  11. Quality difference showing, but have to applaud Deschamps for the way they've set up tactically as well. Not been wasting his time on boat trips for sure.
  12. ****ing insane. Hats off to Iceland. Well deserved to imo .. Congrats!!
  13. I still can't believe Kane is taking these ...
  14. Are the English fans having some sort of silent protest or something? Almost as bad as the team so far. England players look like they could do with the kind of support Iceland is getting from theirs atm tbh.
  15. Don't think I've ever seen so many overrated and underrated players on the same pitch.
  16. One of my least favorite referees and several of my least favorite players on the same pitch. Not sure why I'm even watching. Hoping for some magic from some of the players I actually do like I guess. Have a feeling it'll be decided on penalties though, but not the kind you get after 120 minutes.
  17. This is so exciting. Both teams spending 30-40 seconds on every throw-in / free-kick . Wonder if the ball have been in play even 50% of this half.
  18. Not slating Iceland at all. All respect to them. Wouldn't have been surprised if Portugal avoided scoring on purpose in a similar situation though.
  19. So Portugal just got an easier route to the final because Iceland scored there?
  20. Hmm ok. Some Norwegian media were saying it was the case and that Iceland team were looking for a goal now because of it. Didn't make sense to me either. Kind of interesting that Portugal could end up on the "tough side" of the knock out stages because they don't have enough yellow cards though ' *edit* Oh never mind, that was when they both had 3-3.. they have 4-4 now ofc so it doesn't matter.. never mind me
  21. Are Iceland really out on fair play rules if this stands? Would really be sickening ...
  22. Are England actually playing 10 players who prefer their right foot? Someone should check in on LvG, make sure he's all right.
  23. You're right. If City win and we win it's set up for the 71p scenario. Thought City had 4 games left for some reason. That means any winner in the City - Arsenal match will give us 4th place if we win the rest then (no matter what City do tonight). Amazing all things considering. But we won't win all 4 anyways.
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