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  1. Is this supposed to be the opening post?? Would love to try it out, can't find no info whatsoever tho ?
  2. First of, hats off for MR Hough! Absolutely the best tactic around! I don't want to take anything away from the tactic, but iv'e seen some people complain about tough away games. I see their point too, but i think i might have a lil remedy for that. What i did was tick every player available's "tackle harder" and in team setting i clicked the "gets stuck in" option, this atleast pust an end to opposition strikers/wingers lingering/dribling with the ball. However it should be said that this approach has a certain risk/reward attached to it, you'll for sure get the occasional red card and give away a few penalties if you play like this every game. I rearly use this, but if im struggeling in a though away game or a derby game or something i give ita go and hope for the best. I think its unrealistic to think you can travel away to the likes of city/man utd/chelsea etc and always expect a 4-0 win
  3. Its because the challenge games are all FMC, any you need to download the TC version in post #13
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