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  1. I totally agree....prior to the the latest patch. Things seem alot better, not perfect, but better. Will enjoy fm over the xmas break. Well done si, but you owed us this.
  2. I think that is what alot may do in regards to FM. Bought this game every year, for over a decade, on release day, not sure I'll bother getting it at all next year.
  3. Sums it up really. ^^^ Win or lose, it just isn't fun. Stupid dribbling and shots, for and against. At the end of the day, it's a game....it should be enjoyable....
  4. Is there anything else to do ? lol Check players/squad See who I can buy and sell who I don't need Adjust tactics/formation depending on who I have and who I've bought Hire/fire staff In that order
  5. J. Pastore £32m for Man Utd Been fantastic, worth the money.
  6. Nice one Hershie I quite like playing Real, aslong as I'm an elite club cos they seem to be less good tactically as some other big clubs. It's just the players they have that need to be kept under control, which is a hard thing soemtimes.
  7. 6-0 Brazil v Estonia...yes I am excited about the new FM so started a career with Brazil to pass the time because at this time of year I cannot get into my old saves
  8. Glad this thread is back and good morning all. Well it's a transitional time for me with UTD atm, with Rio and Vidic leaving when their contracts expire in the summer, as will Ribery I think. Players just decline too quick and too early in FM10, but that's for a different thread. Anyway I have one hell of an English CB regen to replace Rio but not sure who to replace Vidic with, I would really like to get more English starting XI players in, but there is a lack of quality.
  9. Bang on there. He always made players look so slow when they played against him, as he just rolled the ball from left to right when people tried to tackle him. I can't think of any other player who could stand still in the middle of the pitch and be almost impossible to tackle, even by other top players of that generation. I'm not saying this is all he could do, by far, but he did something that no other player has ever been able to do. It was as if he saw twice the amount of frames per second as normal people. I know not everybody agrees, but the was no player feared as much as ZZ was except Pele. Although, the latter intimidated players in a lessor league, whereas ZZ did it every year in the Champions League and in La Liga/Serie A. I saw him at Old Trafford too and beleive me, I have never seen 50,000 people so scared as they were everytime ZZ had the ball. Nuff said
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