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  1. Hi everyone, I've recently started a Liverpool save. I'm grinding out similiar results to real life. I've currently played 7, won 2, drawn 4 and lost 1. I lost 5-1 against Man U! I'm top of my Europa League group with 2 wins from 2. Any suggestions who to sign? I've sold Skrtel and bought Will Hughes so far. I'm looking at winning all trophies in England then moving to different countries doing the same so should be a good career! I'll post updates when I can.
  2. I've finally won the Champions League! and also the supercup the following season. I didnt win the title last season though! I need to get some pictures up. I'm going to have one more season and win the world club cup and regain the title then move on to somewhere else I think. I'm not on the computer with it on so will try post pictures in the next few days
  3. I'm in 2024 at the moment. Hes not the first I've sold for £30m+. I sold an Icelandic playmaker by the name of Tobias Forss for £30m to Liverpool and just sold this Croatian defender by the name of Davor Dzijan for the £39.5m. Croatians are crazy good on this game, I've still got another 3 in my squad that are improving tenfold. As I've said previously scout Hadjuk in Croatia. All of my Croatian regens have come from there. They're awesome. I've also got 2 others which I've had bids of £30m+ but rejected them. My keeper Sandro is one of them (I checked and hes got PA199!!!). He keeps me in all the european games especially so won't be selling him. Hes the key to winning the european cup which I think I can do in the next 2 or 3 seasons. I'll get a post up later on with screenshots mates.
  4. I'll post some screenshots a bit later on of the 11 years I've done so far. I just sold my star defender for £39.5 million to Chelsea . I'm smiling because I've got a ready made replacement called Sidney who I just signed from Corinithians. I got him for around 4 million! I won the league again last year, only drawing 4 games and winning the rest. I also won both cups again. I did a bit better in europe but got knocked out in the quarters by PSG! I've also removed brazilian league as I have so many youngers on their way to me I want to sign some different nationalitys . I've added Norway, Sweden & Denmark to see what I get.
  5. It's probably the best save I've ever done on FM. I'm a massive Liverpool fan, so unsure why I decided on Rangers but I'm loving it. I could do better...well saying that I just did the treble winning the scottish cup, scottish league cup & SPL. I won SPL on the last game of the season. Me & Celtic level on points and I beat them 2-0 at Ibrox to win it. I just can't seem to do any good in Europe hence why I'm not too happy. Any tips? I've changed my tactics 2 or 3 times since I started. I go with a flat 442 now with both ML & MR wingers, a deep lying playmaker and a central midfielder. One thing you should do though is scout scout scout! I've picked up so many class players. I've got 6-7 on their way from South America when they turn 18 which a bit frustrating as I want to give them 1st team experience. I've also picked up 3 world class players from a club called Hajduk in croatia so you keep your eye out And yeah I never post in GD either, can't be bothered moaning. Just get on with it.
  6. I thought I'd post a summary of my 10 year career (so far): Over the 10 years I've won Division 3, Division 2, Division 1, Challenge Cup, Scottish Cup 6 times, Scottish League Cup 3 times & the SPL twice. Last season I went unbeaten and I only drew 2 games! The only players I've kept since I've started are Sebastian Faure & Darren Ramsey. Ramseys still a first teamer and doing class. Faure is a back up and don't really use him. I've had a few players I signed when I was in Div 3 that have come through as first teamers. Aaaron Mckee & Tobias Forss probably the best ones. Forss was sold to Liverpool for 30m unfortunately! I forgot about his release clause. I've not done much in Europe, got through the Group Stages a few times but always go out in the first knockout round. I just cant crack it. I've also just got the Scotland job after resigning from Uruguay. I've got a 16 year old wonderkid who I hope to be a class Deep Lying Playmaker. I've thrown him straight into the deepend and made him captain of Scotland haha.
  7. Staying Interested in Fm

    I was in the same position as you. I've just started in Iceland with a team called FH. 22 games in the league so I'm flying through the seasons. Good game though, especially trying to challenge in europe. Loving it
  8. I've just finished my first season with West Ham. I won the Championship on goal difference. My team to start the Premier League season is: GK: R. Green DL: Taye Taiwo (On Loan) DC: J. Tomkins DC: J Vertonghen DR: J. Faubert MC: I. Camacho (On Loan) MC: M. Noble MC: K. Nolan AML: U. Emanuelson AMR: R. Morrison/A. Morgan (Regen) ST: C. Cole/R Hall (Starts off at club as a Yth player) Anyone know any decent tutors for Morrison? He seems to reject anyone & everyone at the moment... I've also got some really good Yth players coming through. I've got a DR that Chelsea bid 10.75mil for, that Morgan has 5 star potential according to my scouts and I've got several more that I've bought in my reserves/youth team.
  9. Creating a Player

    Thanks for your help! I'll try and give him 4/5 sub appearances in the season as well to help push his development. What do you think of this 16 year old? I've got him on intensive Stamina and strength training as his physicals arent too good. Apparantly he is going to be "Quality" according to my scouts.
  10. Creating a Player

    I've just started with Dortmund and had 3 Players already in the academy when I arrived. I've copied 1 of them above. Any advice regarding training/individual focus? What I've gone for is putting his individual training on Strength and put it on heavy. I've also put Strength also on intensive & defensive on high. I was comparing his stats to Subotic and they are quite similiar. I think with the right training he could be better than him. Cheers
  11. I'm not sure if anyone is still playing with these, but I went on holiday here a few years ago. (girlfriends uncle owns a house here) So I want to see if I can take them to the top. I'm just about to start now.
  12. I've now played 12 all together. 8 have been in the league. I've won 6, drew 1 & lost 1. I've played 2 scottish cup games and won both of them. I've also played a first knockout round tie in the champions league against Chelsea. As expected they beat me both home & away. Thanks for this tactic. I'll carry on using it and let you know how the season pans out.
  13. I'm trying it now with my Clyde team in 2025. I'm in the SPL with them and won the league the last 2 seasons. I'm struggling at the moment though so I need a change. I'll do 10 games and then let you know the outcome.
  14. A few weeks ago I posted on here that I was starting as Clyde. I did start that game but I hadn't had time to post anything. I'm enjoying the game so much, I just didn't want to use my time writing things up haha. I'm now in my 12th Season, and lifted the SPL title for the first time last season. I went straight in to the group stages of the Champions League and got drawn with Barca, Bayern Munich & Olympiakos. I had 4 seasons in the SPL, just avoiding relegation. I then found a tactic on this forum (Czech Repulic 2004 tactic) and I won the league by a point to Celtic. I keep getting offered a lot of German Players and these are the key for me. I won the Scottish league cup one of the seasons I nearly went down, surprisingly beatin Rangers on the way. The board built me a new stadium and also ugraded both my youth and training facilities. If anyone knows of a player called Decan Gallagher for Clyde, he was my Captain for 10 Seasons. In the end he became a liability and retired. I can't believe he was still class from SD3 - SPL. I'll post up some screenshots ASAP, as I work over Christmas I'm quite busy.
  15. I have to say, this tactic is working wonders. I'm 11 seasons in now with Clyde (Scottish division) and have been in the SPL, just avoiding relegation for 4 seasons now. Using this tactic, I've currently played 4, won 3, lost 1 and sitting top of the SPL.