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  1. Zielinski has been outstanding for my Napoli team in this role. His assist for our only goal in a 1-0 win at the Nou Camp was sublime. Movement, dribbling and vision to pick out Milik with a chipped through ball. General link play is great too, especially with Hamsik just ahead of him as an AM-Attack.
  2. Is there any way to get rid of the clutter on the tactics screen in the bottom right? Also how do you know if your running on 64bit? I've got a 2014 Macbook Pro Retina on latest Apple software.
  3. Looks good but what actual results have you had over a full season with it?
  4. First window for £9m. Would definitely recommend him. He's been used in Box to Box, Roaming Playmaker and Defensive midfielder roles and been adept in each.
  5. Lewis Cook has been absolutely class for my treble winning Saints side. Him and JWP both now regulars for the national side.
  6. Am I missing a trick here or is it a bug by which 'Defender Collect' doesn't actually work and instead the keeper is kicking it long (by long I mean to my centre mids) every time from a goal kick? Its really frustrating me because my team is small and I'm wanting to play out from the back. This has been an issue since the beginning of the beta. Or am I doing something wrong/different? Thanks
  7. Keeper distribution is still woeful and thought this would have been sorted out by now. Defender collect simply does not work and my keeper is continuously hoofing it long to my small team, not even reaching the striker? Anyone else?
  8. Care to share your successful system Mr U Rosler?
  9. Ok so i've just recieved my FIFTH torn hamstring of the season, to add to a 2 month hip injury, 4 month broken foot, 2 sports hernias a month each, a damaged achilles tendon and lots of niggles. Its a farce. I am gettin at least 2 injuries a game, either my player forced down to 55% or around that mark, or gettin a light injury. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.
  10. Its actually ridiculous what i am seeing. I am in my first season with Manchester City and have played 16 games in the premier league (mid december). I have just suffered my third torn hamstring of the season, in addition to a broken foot. I cant go through a game without having to substitute a player for either an injury or condition going below 65%. My training is nothing out of the ordinary (team cohesion - average) and haven't got many players doing extra training. Does anyone else suffer the same problem? It is so infuriating and spoiling my enjoyment of the game
  11. One thing that has still not been solved from the day the game was released is the ridiculous amount of injuries. Ive done countless saves and experienced the same problem every time as have many of my friends. Training is set on average for during the season, yet in my latest save by november I have had 1 broken foot (aguero), 2 torn hamstrings (dzeko and silva), 1 damaged achilles tendon (kolarov) and loads of niggles. Its absolutely shocking, ive heard of about 1 torn hamstring in the world in this years english football, yet this seems to be the most frequent long term injury i get. On one save i got 5 in one season. Embarrassing.
  12. I really don't believe this patch is anywhere near good enough. Ok I realised that my wingers were taking on the full back way too much in the previous patch, but I have a regen with crossing 20, dribbling 18, first touch 18, flair 17 and acceleration 17.... and he averages 4 dribbles per game (having experimented with various tactics to get the best out of him). He doesnt even attempt to cross the ball from deep despite me asking, doesnt get to the byline once, doesnt look to take the full back on down the line, and always cuts inside. Last patch he averaged 7.63 , 15 assists and 11 goals in his first season. Since the new patch he has averaged 6.78, 3 assists and 3 goals. It just isnt realistic. In real life how many times do you see a winger like aaron lennon for example, who constantly looks to attack the full back. Ok he doesnt beat him every time but he at least attempts and looks threatening. Im dissappointed with this years ME compared to last years, the overall game is much better but the ME is appalling in my opinion. My wingers are my best players and therefore i look to play to my strengths. The new patch has made it so infuriating.
  13. Not sure about anyone else but since the patch has been brought out, the wingers in my tactic have gone from my main men, providing many assists and good ratings, to being really poor and no assists. They seem to be struggling to beat their full back at all.
  14. Cleon, do you watch the first 15 minutes of EVERY game you play? Or just the tougher games?
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