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  1. Awesome work. Very glad that SI make it easy to mod so much of the stuff.
  2. Date is in my initial post (second season), they were qualifiers for the European Championships. It was very odd actually, as the international games actually took place on the 27th (six days later) so I've no idea why they were called up so early. Only four players were called up at this time, with a load of others called up a few days later (as you'd expect). No editor files of any kind used.
  3. I thought I remembered that in older games but could not find the option here. I just went ahead and played the game in the end. Luckily the kid did okay and I won 3-2 with a last minute goal.
  4. Title says it all really. Playing a league game on 21/3/2015 and Cech/Courtois are both away on national duty, they are not friendlies so I have no option to recall I don't think. My only other senior goalkeeper is on loan (and injured anyway). Is there really nothing I can do about this? Putting one of my 16 yr olds in goal is gonna be suicidal.
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