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  1. Awesome work. Very glad that SI make it easy to mod so much of the stuff.
  2. Date is in my initial post (second season), they were qualifiers for the European Championships. It was very odd actually, as the international games actually took place on the 27th (six days later) so I've no idea why they were called up so early. Only four players were called up at this time, with a load of others called up a few days later (as you'd expect). No editor files of any kind used.
  3. I thought I remembered that in older games but could not find the option here. I just went ahead and played the game in the end. Luckily the kid did okay and I won 3-2 with a last minute goal.
  4. Title says it all really. Playing a league game on 21/3/2015 and Cech/Courtois are both away on national duty, they are not friendlies so I have no option to recall I don't think. My only other senior goalkeeper is on loan (and injured anyway). Is there really nothing I can do about this? Putting one of my 16 yr olds in goal is gonna be suicidal.
  5. A button you can click on people's profiles to browse to an image which you can then add for that player. Hate having to create/edit .xml files all the time. Please!
  6. Most of mine are to do with the match engine, which I pay a lot of attention to... 1) The amount of free kicks and especially throw ins that go directly to an opposing player is insane. A lot of the time they are thrown right to an opposing player with none of your players anywhere near them, as if they are returning the ball after it had been put out. 2) Players attempting bizarre passes. A lot of the time I'd see a player (say a striker) collecting the ball down a flank, and then trying to play it down the line in front of him for the winger who is running behind him. Always going out or being easily collected. No player would attempt a pass like that. 3) Players attempt long shots too often on the default "mixed" setting. 4) Players attempt to shoot too often from free kicks from ridiculous distances/angles. Sometimes when there isn't even a wall. 5) Two players constantly passing between each other and losing the ball happens quite often. 6) Players do not seem aware of their own abilities and weaknesses. A player seems to have no hesitation in attempting a long shot on his "very weak" foot if play opens up for him, even if there are people to pass too. In real life players are usually very wary of attempting long shots with their weaker foot. 7) A combination of some of my other points in that I feel the "Run With Ball" and "Try Long Shots" instructions strange. If a player is good at dribbling they should run with the ball, and if a player is good at long shots they should attempt them. They should know this themselves and it should be obvious. Getting away from the match engine.... 8) This might be a controversial suggestion, but I'd like to see some kind of "Potential" attribute for players. Right now it is really juts impossible to sense a potential of a player unless you scout them, and hope they are accurate. It's not like real life where you see the player in training every day and can get some kind of "feeling" if the player will be special. I don't want an exact numerical description as they are in the database. But a one word description as in "High" or "Moderate" would be welcomed by me. 9) Player interaction. Right now, to me, it just seems... totally random. I can praise a player for his good performances and he's delighted, I can do it again 2 weeks later and all of a sudden he "Feels under pressure to perform". What changed? It just feels like a lottery now. 10) Crazy chairman.I don't know how much this happens in real life, but your chairman splashing out £18m on a Central defender when you already have 5 that are better is very annoying. If they are going to take it into their own hands and sign someone they could at least ask for suggestions.
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