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  1. But you should have the choice? You see it all the time where a player is about to come on and a manager tell him to sit back down because a player has just scored. In fact it sometimes happens when anyone scores the manager just thinks give them a bit more time as we have just scored.
  2. When you make a sub and then the player that’s about to come of scores it should ask you if you still want to make the sub. Does anyone know if in FM13 will have this in it. I for one find it annoying or is that just me!?
  3. Anyone got any good Tactics for FMH 2012?
  4. Marc or anyone are you able to tell me 1) how much will it be to buy on the ipad? 2) where will the release date be announced first. here, twitter, facebook or other? off to india for a week on sunday and would have liked it for then but doesn't look like i will have it:thdn:
  5. you able to upload the save?
  6. not sure where the best place to save it to is. I'm sure some else can help
  7. Trents can you upload the save for us?
  8. Quality! Where are Bradford City?
  9. Making subs

    This is true with players that have to come off because of injury which means if it's possible for players that get injured then it must be possible for other situations as well? I really think we need this with how advanced the game is now. It's a game changing problem sometimes!
  10. Making subs

    Can't see why it would be an issue. Just needs some coding rules saying that if a, b or c happens after the user has pressed submit subs then if offers you the chance to change it. It must be a simple change??
  11. Dont you think it would be a good idea when you make subs if before they come on you or the other team score or you get an injury that it asks if you still want to make them? The amount of times I make a sub then they score or the player I'm subbing scores and I think I wish I could cancel it. It happens all the time in real life!
  12. Is he not on the game? Will we see him in the first update? No real reason to say he going to be good but still should be in the game. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2044595/Everton-sign-Bradford-starlet-George-Green.html
  13. FM11iPad price

    I think this maybe a hint that the new one isn't far off! Can't wait. Hopefully just in time for the usual winter train travel problems!!