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  1. lukaku...i dont think that in the real life he will be the best..but in the 2011 manager games he will be because his age\statistic so far\height\looks[drogba..]..hes got all the things that a young player need to be a 190+ PA in manager games..
  2. true,but all i asking for is a slightly increase in the DLR, but more important-more equal league,that the other teams will try to catch up with you like it shuld be..because after 2 years in the game it became so boring..
  3. for a player who play in middle-level league,the DLR is a great change..but the other teams in the league will have an active\creative managment that will expand their stadium\youth facilities etc if the league will become a great force in europe??? because until now after 10 years i have a stadium with 50000 thousand seats[15000 in the start] but all the other teams stadiums\avarage attendance\youth facilities didnt change at all...so,do you think there will be a change in the other league teams managments?
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    yes it is... and that game was unbelievable...the teams from holland.
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    its not in english but you can understand..its from 2008...and its my best screenshot of all-time..
  6. i didnt said that,training its not the only thing in that game..there is scouting and tactics and finding the next star and to do a lot more things but i dont like training and i am expect for another option[not to replace] for people like me..thats my wish..the game supposed to be fun.
  7. and then you need to devide them to groups and then you need top hire staff(with hopes for 4 stars)and then you need to teach them new moves and even then you are not sure if you doing it good or not..i jus dont like the training part..it reduse the fun of the game..its like something that you do only because you have to..
  8. Thats the problem with the currently default training-like you said-it will do a good job,but i want an excellent job and i dont care to pay a lot of money for it from the team budget. the training part is like obstacle in a middle of a run..because i like to run the game very fast..
  9. StevoRobbo , thanx but i still cant find it..can you give me a link?
  10. hello for all. 1. I didnt find any "suggestions forum" or something like that..so im sorry if its not related to this forum. 2. I know that maybe its too late to talk about it or maybe some other people suggest it before me, but there is 2 things i want to see in fm 2011 and maybe if it will be discusses in here, then it will be in fm 11\fm 12. about the training:for some people [like me] the training part is really boring and take a lot of time(hiring staff,make special trainig for each player etc.) ,but on the other hand i still want my players to fulfill their potential...so what im suggest is to add an option like "automatic training system"(lets call it ATS)and all you need to do is to invest money in it,for example: if you will invest a lot of money in the ATS, then the club will hire the best coaches that will want to join your club and will set the best trainings for each player and vice versa if you will invest 1$. about the dynamic player potential,im sure that its already discussed in here,but in the real world the players potential can change a lot throughout the years,if a young player had a great season his potential should be grow a little bit and vice versa. p.s. the dynamic league is the savior for players who likes to play in leagues like poland,norway,israel,austria etc.. thanx for reading.
  11. stadium information?

    that problem was in my demo too..but i fix it..go to prefrences and change the resolotion to windowd.. and thanx jodi..
  12. i heared alot about the improving in that area..but in the demo i cant find any info about the stadium... someone can told me what is new?or when i can find some info about the stadium in the demo?[what i read is that we can choose how much seats we want to build when the boar agreed to upgrade the stadium...] thanx for any help!