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  1. +1 Same issue here. Another issue after the patch: during a match sound randomly disappear after a tactic change. To let it work again, I have to go to the main screen, modify settings (disable and enable sound) and go back to the match.
  2. Is it possible to sort players? Players in the pitch first and then reserves and substitutes.
  3. When I want to show player's key attributes for a role/duty in the profile window, I have difficulties with the colours chosen. Dark blue on black background is not the best combination IMHO. Which is the parameter to change in "fm2013carbon setting.xml" file? PS: congratulations for the skin. I like it EDIT: found it. The colour is managed by png files under fm2013carbon/graphics/table/hilight folder. R:140 - G:140 - B:140... Much better now
  4. I refer to the first one. Mmmh, it's the same: if I replace the content then both files are identical.
  5. I found the issue. In the panel folder there is a file called "match team talk panel.xml". I substituted it with the one extracted from the panel.fmf file of the last patch and now the text appears.
  6. After 12.1 patch I noticed a little issue. The team talk selected doesn't appear. It should apper instead of the command. Before the patch it worked flawlessly. If I select an option it's not a problem but if I let manage team talk to the assistant I don't know his choice. Anyway, congratulations to the author. This skin is terrific!
  7. Same resolution and mode. I quote also the sentence on font dimension.
  8. Thank tou, thank tou very much! My preferred skin since the beginning. And now a little consideration. The red used for bars is a bit "out of context". Too bright. I suggest to use a different red
  9. I'm working on the base skin to increase font size. I successfully increased "general" font. I can't unserstand how to increase font of mail inbox and pitch. Two images explain more than one thousand words
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