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  1. Just to post in this thread, having great fun with my Liverpool save, one of the best I've ever played (and have played since CM4 ), but don't have much time to play because of college and stuff. Season 3 so far... Started on the 11.0.1 version so don't have Carroll... First season, outmuscled Arsenal to win the title, lost to Fulham in the first round of the League Cup on penalties, lost in the FA Cup semis (don't remember to who) and to Lyon in the Europa League Final after extra time First season signed Coentrao, Suarez (before they really signed him ), Lukaku, Annan (probably the best signing), Buonanotte... Afellay and Vrsaljko after half a season, Vrsaljko had to be loande because of WP issues. Second season, won the Community Shield against Tottenham, but after a miserable run of form in the league finished second to City, despite not losing to any top 4 or 5 sides, too many points lost on weaker opposition... Lost after a horror showing against Tottenham in the League Cup semis after extra time and in the Champions League semis... Somehow managed to win against Chelski in the FA Cup on penalties, not a great season, signed Neymar for 24 mil (didn't really prove he was worth that much in his first season), Ruud van Nisterlooy as a backup (didn't prove he could play), Lucio was signed for 5 mil and he was very decent as was Khedira... Third season, top of the league, 4 points clear of a couple of clubs, through in the CL after the group stage, through in the League Cup so far... Signed Pastore for 36 mil (and he is playing well), Cavani for 15ish mil (also very decent) Squad so far, usually playing a 4-2-3-1 formation GK: Reina, Jones (backup, played one half in 2 and a half seasons) DR: Johson, Vrsaljko (both excellent) DL: Coentrao, Insua, Konchesky (Paul will have to be sold, too much competition) DC: Wilson (outstanding), Lucio, Agger, Carragher (doesn't play at all) MCs: Annan,Raul Meireles, Khedira, Shelvey, Lucas (leaving in January) AMC: Gerrard, Pastore Wide: Afellay, Suarez (both often injured), Kuyt, Neymar (came to life in his second season at the club) Strikers: Torres (don't like him IRL, but does the job), Cavani Cardozo is out on loan because he didn't get a work permit, don't know how i missed that -.-, Lukaku is gaining experience on loan, as are a whole bunch of youngsters...
  2. FM11: Danny Wilson

    With Skrtel and Agger out in my game and Soto sold far far away, he better come good Seems very decent in his first few matches...
  3. FM11 Good Youngsters thread

    Could you please post a screen of Mateo? They are praising him a lot here in Croatia, but I've never seen him
  4. Probably Real Madrid in the demo to get to know the game and in the full Liverpool and Stjarnan (from Iceland, the guys who celebrate goals in a great way ) in separate games
  5. Anthony Annan, still at Rosenborg, should be class
  6. My last exam is Thursday evening, will have to restrain myself for a few hours
  7. Please SI, wait until next friday for the release, that's when my exams are over
  8. I agree 100%... I mean, there should be at least an option to ask the club how much would our player play in that club and you could negotiate or give them certain bonuses for his games. Your idea could lead to some utter rubbish players playing in the Championship, but it would still be an improvement. The way it is, I loan my players to League 2 clubs (from Liverpool) and they warm the bench for the majority of the games.
  9. Laziest scout ever.

    I had a scout who couldn't find players in Brazil
  10. And in the end you each had 3 offsides, that's an interesting fact But great job mate, although you got very lucky because they did have 4 CCCs
  11. Worst Injury ever?

    I remember back in CM4 me and my dad were playing as Liverpool and we drove them to the brink of bankrupcy [a bit of irony, now that I think about it...] and the club chairmen took over all the deals and amongst selling and buying a few players they bought Sylvan Distin who was injured for 12 months or so... Don't ask me how he passed the medical, please
  12. Anyone else a Wenger?

    This, made me LOL while eating This is class
  13. Check out this player..

    Nah, don't like players with low Long Throw stats, sorry mate, wouldn't keep him
  14. FM10: Marquinhos

    Didn't see anyone mention the signing fee at the start, change that Could a couple of million be enough? Don't think so
  15. FM 10 Official Rangers FC Thread

    Very simple. Don't do what I do, get the 4th place in the CL group. I think you can ask all you want, you won't find a better solution