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  1. Lionel Messi?

    lol same here, but only one goal.
  2. do you use custom skins? if not, you could try to change the skin; see if its helping.
  3. depends on how much he want for salary; but 5.5M for such a striker is nothing, also he is 22 years old.
  4. Hello, I am playing FM since 2008, have really enjoyed it so far, though i want to give my opinion about FM11 and hope we can discuss about certain things. Sorry for my English, i hope you will understand everything. So here is my opinion: _______________________________________________________________________________ We just finished our second season with Rayo & Rayo "B". Rayo: First Season (42 games): Own Goals: 3 (All 3 from opponents) Red Cards: 2 (Both from Rayo) Second Season (42 Games): Own Goals: 2 (Both from opponents) Red Cards: 2 (Both from Rayo) Rayo B: First Season (38 games): Own Goals: 0 Red Cards: 4 Second Season (38 Games): Own Goals: 3 Red Cards: 3 _______________________________________________________________________________ So i can't say something about an own goal / red card bug or something. About the transfer system: I have seen Ronaldo being unhappy, he's still at Real Madrid though. If i look at the transfer history of the Serie A, Premier Division or the LIGA BBVA, i haven't seen anything special, no weird moves/buys whatever. The media is something i don't like either, but isn't the media asking the managers IRL all ways the same questions? Though, i only use the media to respond to managers, or if i want to buy a player and look if he's interested etc. the press conference is been handled by my assistant manager. The news/media items that a manager gets sacked the next match they lose SEEMS TO BE MANY, this is happening IRL to, the problem is you run one season in 1 month (for example) and IRL a season is 12 months. So you get the point right? it seems a lot, but IRL its the same, only the speed is much faster of course. _______________________________________________________________________________ The Moral thing, this is indeed true. One day its Superb and the next day its Very Poor. This also happens with Value of players, one day its 100k the next day its 500k... The interaction system is Ok, i think. You can indeed make someone mad, but you can also improve someones moral, you can ask for advice, learn him something (pref. moves or training) and say he needs to play better or he will be listed. About contracts/Signings: I totally agree with you on the point that you cannot sell players, even let players go for FREE, i mean.... if you offer a player with, for example, a value of 1M there must be a club being interested. Maybe we should be able to talk with Agents from our players, so the agents can go to clubs try to offer the player. Or we should be able to talk to the media about a player we don't want anymore, so other clubs get some interests in the player. _______________________________________________________________________________ BETA TESTING Yes, to be honest, this is ridiculous. On day one me and my friend said to each other, do the 'game makers/developers' play there own game? IF they do, how come there are still MAJOR bugs? And i am not talking about MINOR bugs. I know, every game has bugs, the thing is, developers have to get rid of every MAJOR bug if its going FINAL. OR this should be fixed at least in the first patch of the game. About MINOR bugs, this is something (also) for the BETA Testers. Minor bugs are pretty easy to spot, play a season in a week and you catch already 50% of all minor bugs. Don't let all Beta testers play what they want, for example, let tester 1 play a national team (e.g. Spain), tester 2 just a main team (e.g. Real Madrid), tester 3 a "b" team (e.g. Barcelona Atletic), tester 4 U21 (e.g. The Netherlands U21) for example. imo, MINOR bugs are indeed easy to fix but it is really time consuming. Thats why the priority should be the MAJOR bugs. MAJOR bugs are for example: game hangs in a network game if your friend is watching your match and a player of your team gets injured, game crashes, gfx error's and such... _______________________________________________________________________________ Although i give this FM a 7, i am enjoying the game, and indeed it could be much better.
  5. Croatia is an EU country (Southern-EU), though Croatia is not in the list of the EU counties in FM11.
  6. B Team Finance

    The board is giving money now and then around 100k ~ but my red finances is still rising a little; i am now on -520k finance. I am curious what will happen if i get more like -1M. Every year i make -250k on my balance extra.
  7. Try a club with no finances and in one of the lowest league's.
  8. I assume restarting steam and your PC didn't help either?
  9. Hello, I've been searching on this forum for some answers but i couldn't find any information regarding finances and b teams. My questions are: 1. Are the finances from your B team separate from your A team? 2. Will the B team gets help from the A team with finances? if the B team has red finance. 3. Can a B team go bankrupt? and what happens then? Player cannot be put on the transfer list because you can set all players to the A team or the -19 team. Or do we only get sacked? thanks.
  10. Ronaldo Signs For Chelsea.. :O

    Messi was unhappy in one of my games to, but didn't move yet.
  11. Is there an option to disable auto subscription when we scout players?
  12. Demo's been patched.

    Yes its been updated.