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  1. First, that's not the argument I'm responding to. Second, I don't know where you pull your statistics from. Edit: You know what, forget it. I'll show myself out of the echo chamber.
  2. You can't seriously be suggesting that it's too much of an ask to want both improvements to AI squad management and less annoying player complaints? This is like saying, "People often complain about criminals, but then on the flip side criticise the police for shooting suspects on sight."
  3. Occasionally a match does end without a highlight for me. Surely other people have noticed this, too?
  4. I'm assuming the white border is the goal (looking from the striker's perspective), the circles represent where shots went, with the bordered circles representing goals.
  5. Especially on here, where there's a general devs-know-best attitude and snide remarks about the community are the norm. Not saying the mods don't mean well, but it adds up to a rather paternalistic atmosphere.
  6. From staring at the screenshots, it doesn't look like many new stats are being tracked (they already track plenty). It does look like a decent upgrade on how stats are presented, though. Think of websites like whoscored.com. I don't believe we've see shot maps like this before.
  7. I like the little health bars on top of players in the 3d engine. I hope there's an option to turn on floating numbers when it gets depleted, so it says "-32" when a big reducer goes in.
  8. There has never been a serious competitor. The closest was EA's version, which was aimed at a different demographic. This is of course partly due to the success of FM that no one wanted to intrude on its turf, but the same could have been said for SimCity and Maxis until they believed their own hype so much and destroyed their franchise. I think we can praise FM realistically without hagiography.
  9. So if it's supposed to look bad in order to function well, can anyone think of how that squares with the dysfunction of the same concept last year?
  10. Not to worry. If you watch the video it looks like simply the old system with a bigger, interactive interface.
  11. Does this mean the way the positions move up and down the field by minuscule amounts? It's an idea that did work because a) it's really hard to tell exactly how far up an icon is because the differences are so small, b) the perceived location of an icon is affected by its position relative to other icons (a DLF would seem to move deeper if his partner shifts from CF-S to P), c) different instructions with different roles end up in approximately the same place (AMC-A and DLF-S), and d) it's unintuitive because the differences in roles do not translate to simply being positioned higher or deeper on the field. All of this was part of the reason that actual role information was added back to the pitch view. So if it allegedly functions well now, how do the improvements address these problems from before? It is not entirely obvious how making the icons breadloaf-shaped and very big addresses these problems.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure they do a great job. It's just that Miles has a habit of being very direct. In my experience, successful companies (like SI is becoming) tend to want to project a friendly image regardless of whether criticism is fair or not.
  13. It's not an active league. I assume this is why first-teamers don't get called to play reserve games, right?
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