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  1. The issue is you havent provided any evidence at all. Thats what I meant with 80% of feedback is garbage. You havent provided any reasonable data. Nor did you collected enough data to paint a conclusive picture (this is where multiple people provide little data and in summary it becomes conclusive). Do you know how much the morale drop really affected the outcome of your games? What is the baseline you are comparing it to (P.S: make a save game after morale drops and play it several times. Than play it several time with the morale before the drop)? And more importantly, how much of an effect in moral is realistic? Tbh nobody knows that, its a total subjective figure we can't really quantify, which is an issue to this specific problem. Thus how did you conclude to reduce the moral effect by 20%? Yes, you are allowed to your opinion. Does SI has to take the actions you recommend? Absolutely not. Even if plenty people agreed with you. Whatever plenty means in this context. You are not the only customer.
  2. Maybe people should make use of some the of options SI is providing to have better decision making whether to buy the game or not. How often do I see "Is FM20 better than FMXX?". There is a fricking demo with the full release! I also wonder how people always put their ME expectations blindly as a requirement to the new version. SI is always stating that they improved the ME during the marketing campaing ('improved' is quite subjective, so dont try to argue its not improved. It might not be improved for your sense of realism. Fair.). There are no claims that 'central play' is working better right now (if there is, than i apologize, but show me the link). So maybe people should stop thinking that their version of a improved ME is the same as SI'. And tbf if I check the feedback forums 80% is pure garbage. Either bc of the underlying data that is used to make a point or by the perception of what is realistic. Do I think the ME is flawless? No. Do I think its bad? No.
  3. No its not available on steam. FMT updates will be rolled out at the same time on all platforms after it was reviewed by the AppStore operators. It was already handed in.
  4. If e.g I select all shots from my team I have to click on every circle (or the popup list if they are stacked) to view my shots. A button that plays all currently selected events in the analysis tool would be nice. Because for 20+ shots you can lose track which one you saw and its a lot of clicking.
  5. I have the perception that my 3D generated picture gets worse and worse. I mean I get less recognizable. My Avatar picture ist from 2017(?) and is pretty damn close. I would say my mum would recognise me from it. But the 2019 version looks like this.
  6. if we throw stats around than maybe dont just cherry pick single matches. rather build avgs over a season within a league.
  7. I think it would be nice to have a visual hint which shot/scoring chance in the team analysis screen was a header and which was a shot. Maybe shots could keep the solid arrow line and headers could have a dashed one?
  8. hey, just wanted to know if you guys gave it a quick look and comment on it. I know Linux isn't officially supported anymore and therefore you can't promise anything, but having a status quo would be nice.
  9. Well sure, but based on the player development formula you can quite easily calculate a PA value. So the CA that he can reach at max if all things go well for a player. The issue is, that if SI do not want to reveal this formula how does researchers rate a player? Its just easier to limit it off the bat by a value like PA. btw: Its really weird that people always refer to Vardy. Thats a one in a trillion example. The next one that comes in my mind is Miroslav Klose who played 5th division in Germany at 20.
  10. Just for the screenshots. ALT+F9 or on Windows the "Snipping Tool" is your friend.
  11. 16. FC Metz youth. Luxembourg NT player. http://www.transfermarkt.de/vincent-thill/profil/spieler/316760
  12. Not Unknown but Vincent Thill is someone I am looking forward.
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