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  1. Your right. Reputation does at least two jobs and splitting it into two attributes might help. Reputation measures how well known a player is and it measures how skilful player is considered. For most players those two are nearly synonymous but for veteran players or great players who have serious injuries they diverge. David Beckham might be a shadow of his former self as a player but his still a world wide celebrity. With Reputation doing both jobs its going to be very hard to make a system where Beckham will both move to a small league and be able to tutor a great young talent.
  2. Here's a very simple idea that would go some way to improving things. Allow the Reputation of player under 21 years old to increase at a far faster rate, also allow the Reputation of those over 31 to decrease at a far faster rate
  3. Nice. If things like that are going to happen could we have some animations for them like the defender putting his hands behind his head falling to his knees and burring his face into the pitch or the forward running over to pat him on the back.
  4. I finally got round to playing it and I'm pleasantly surprised. Having read this thread I expected it to be a complete mess. I have played about ten games and I'm yet to see anything that's totally ridiculous. I have seen headed goals from open play and set pieces long rang goals and goal mouth scrambles. I have noticed a few problems though. Throw-ins are wildly inaccurate its worse then fifty fifty whether you get possession from your own throw in. Defenders turn too slowly they should be beaten to through-balls by forwards by much narrower margins. When the defence is turned and a forward is running towards goal with a player marking him the other defenders don't seem very keen to double up on him or get goal side. I don't think I have seen a forward make a curved run yet.
  5. God I hope its not totally random again. I have been complaining about tendencies in newgens for years. You only have to look at the players in the database for ten minutes to see that on average Determination will be higher for a centre back then an attacking midfielder.
  6. Two things that SI could do to help, one divide cup competitions into stages and give each stage its own Reputation. League cup Second round reputation 6 LC Final reputation 11 etc. I think its reputation that governs team selection maybe its "competition level" The idea is to make big teams play squad players in early rounds but field a stronger teams as they advance. The second would be to add a bit of code that recognises when a team has won a league or qualified from a European group stage and make that team treat any remaining games as much less important. You could do the same thing for any two legged tie where either team has a five goal or more advantage.
  7. For the reasons I listed no other game I know of has a hard difficulty setting that reverts to normal over time. FM has, start with Sunday league rep and a big team to make the game harder if you do well your rep goes up and the game gets easier.
  8. Its the worst difficulty level in the world. It expires over time and dictates what level you have to manage at initially..
  9. Better too hard then too easy. But to echo what others have said its too easy to find wonder-kids in FM and Its too certain that they will develop, AI clubs aren't good enough at driving a hard bargain. The result is its not a gamble to pay big money on young players. Things that could be done to improve things. Change scouting so you don't uncover players who aren't playing competitive games unless you choose to scout youth or reserve teams. The down side of that would be wading through the tons of rubbish players in the youth/reserve leagues. Increase the amount of youth players with relatively high CA but little room for improvement. Make scouts take longer to form an opinion on a players potential. If you have to tie a scout up for three months before you know if a player is really a wonder-kid it becomes more of a strategic decision rather then a no-brainer to buy or not. Make scouts more prone to errors of judgement. If a scout sees a young player with a high CA and watches him improve over three months he should conclude that he will continue to develop at that rate even if really he only has one CA point of development remaining. Improve AI teams bargaining make teams use add on clauses for players that are better then their peers. If small teams have players who they think can play at a higher level they should accept big cash money or structured deals that could earn them more but they should also be aware that its not certain the player will fulfil his potential. If you did all that it would be much more of a gamble to spend big money on youth players and also potentially more expensive to buy them on structured deals.
  10. Researchers enter values its their judgement unless its a regen then I don't know what it is. I don't think its derived from other attributes I think its random luck.
  11. £300 £400 ish I thought id save some money by using my old case and hard drives but I will need a new PSU the demo crashed my comp and the old one seems to have been damaged by a hard restart. I'm running off an ancient one now that sounds like a rock in a blender. Can anyone from SI confirm that FM gains performance from more cores?
  12. I still haven't bitten the bullet and got a new PC but I have been doing some reading and one thing I just found was. "For all-round performance its big brother, the Core i7 2600K, is the top dog in Sandy Bridge land, but its eight threads of processing power are a little redundant when it comes to actual gaming. As advanced as modern titles are, there are still very few, The Witcher 2 and Football Manager 2011 aside, that actually take proper advantage of multithreaded processors." If FM13 does take advantage of multiple threads would one of the AMD FX8 or FX6 give me the same sort of performance as the more expensive I5-3570k I'm looking at from intel?
  13. That wont work as well. Players learn faster while young so you lose some ability to mould their attributes while you are retraining their position. It would be a nice compromise if once you elect to train a player in a new position you gain access to the training roles for that position.
  14. Half way through my first game before a complete crash. I don't blame SI I think its my computer and the fact that my heat sink is loose but the fact that I didn't see one tackle in central midfield and vast expanses of empty grass was worrying.
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