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  1. how old are you??

    I'm 15 been playing since 01/02, not seriously though. I remember in the holidays when I would go to my nans I would load my uncle's saved game up whilst he was at work and make myself boss of england then win evey game by taking control of the opposing team. Goooooood times. Started playing properly probably when Football Manager 2005 came out.
  2. Fixture dates BSP

    Righto. No problems then. Thread can be closed if needs be. (y)
  3. Started a game with AFC Wimbledon a few days ago and I have noticed that I am scheduled to play a game on the same date as the transfer window closing. Not sure if this is a bug or a mistake but I always thought games could not be played when it closes. A few years ago I remember the closing date being moved due to the 31st falling on the weekend. I am talking about the summer window not January. Cheers for any answers, sorry if this has already been mentioned or is actually not a problem.
  4. I really didn't think we'd won until Walters hit the 5th
  5. Normally I run around 20-25 leagues and that runs fine lol. My computer must love me. Its xp btw not vista if that will make a difference.
  6. Pentium 4 CPU 2.93GHz 1.93 GB RAM Graphics ATI radeon express 200 256mb I normally run about 20-30 leagues so that's no problem just wondering about the 3D match view and what effects I could have enabled (stadiums ect.)
  7. Worst reaction to a defeat/getting robbed

    This is how I actually played the game all the time on CM01/02. I would have been about 5 when they took the option to play no keeper in CM4 I was gutted.
  8. Will definitely start a game with Stoke and then maybe a game with a team like Burton or York. Then once I get into it start a career game with teir 8 english leagues loaded.
  9. Best FM?

    This is what I'm doing with FM07 started a game with York earlier tonight 2 more pre season friendlies left. And going on those (not the most accurate way, yes) looks like I could be going up.
  10. I have only ever *brought* FM09 and FM11 all the others I have *borrowed* from my Uncle when the new one has come out so I've always been a season behind. My fondest memory though is definitely saving literally coppers for weeks during the summer so that I could buy FM09 on release day. Also drawing closer to release I realised I wouldn't get the money in time so I started buying packs of chewing gum and then selling individual pieces for 10p each. Ahhhh gullible kids. I never really played on FM09 much. Two games I had on it really stand out though. I led San Fernando (a club that no longer exists) from the Spanish Second Division B to the Spanish Prem only to be relegated in February and then sacked. :'( And a game with Burton where I missed out on the Play offs from the conference on the last day due to me conceding a last minute goal. I got that annoyed that I restarted it and ended up winning the play offs. But it felt dirty afterwards so I just gave up with that game which was good timing as I got FM11 for Christmas a couple of days later.
  11. Backroom "advice" meetings

    Another vote for how good the scout recommendations are. Picked up Leigh Griffiths because of them. He then went on to become my top goal scorer (signed him in January) and signing of the season (premier league)
  12. FM05 I was playing a pre season friendly with Stoke against Arsenal and I won 2-1 I remember saving the game and going nuts because I thought I had really achieved something (come on I was 8 )
  13. FM oddball

    I remember going crazy when I came back from 3-0 down at half time to win 4-3 against Wigan in FM09 to stay up with Stoke. It was made all more special as Andy Wilkinson (Stoke born and bred) got the last minute goal from about 30 yards out from right back. My Mum and Dad rushed upstairs to see what was wrong.
  14. On mine I can just drag the size down when it's in windowed. It stops after a certain while though. Still big enough to see but small enough to do homework me thinks.
  15. I have dropped one of my new signings to the reserves as he isn't fit enough for the first team yet. Is there a way to get him fit without dropping him as I have gone onto the conversation and the only options are; "I'm the manager blah blah blah" "It was a bad decision" and "Prove yourself" Any suggestions?