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  1. HTC is there going to be a new version? Really like the style of play; defensive football; forza italia!
  2. Boot Room Vengeance

    Sorry but unless your a top team this is no good. I'm Saint Etienne in Ligue 1 and one of the better teams.... I've played 15; Won 4, Drawn 4 and Lost 7. Scored: 22 Conceded: 25 Can't believe I feel for all the positive comments again!
  3. Boot Room Vengeance

    Grepjava; i find this really good; only when I face a good team and they seem to open me up? I've tried using defensive positioning but it doesn't seems to do much
  4. Boot Room Vengeance

    If a teams better than you; you get rinsed....
  5. Boot Room Vengeance

    Anyone else find that the corner 'glitch' is to unrealistic??? I really like this tactic; but I'm thinking about making corner delivary set to 'mixed'...
  6. What do I do if I have a player that plays occaisonlly; but largely a back-up; however he is over 25...??? What stage do I use... Because he isn't a 1st Teamer and he is not developing!??!
  7. FM12: Arthur Maia - Cheap Prospect

    Double Post...
  8. FM12: Arthur Maia - Cheap Prospect

    I'm not sure; dont really manage in England....
  9. Boot Room Vengeance

    What match prep is everyone using?
  10. FM12: Arthur Maia - Cheap Prospect

    Ive got him for AS Saint Etienne and he going to slot straight into centre midfield. He has got a nice spread of stats; however can help but think if he would be better used at AML as possibly an Advanced Playmaker...
  11. Here is Arthur Maia, 18 years old and plays in either the centre or left of midfield. He plays for Vitoria in Brazil and is one of the better Brazilian youngsters who can be brought for a very good price indeed! Postions AMC - Natural MC - Accomplished AML - Accomplished ML - Competent ST - Competent AMR - Unconvincing MR- Awkard Feet Left Foot - Very Strong Right Foot - Weak Preferred Moves 'Likes To Switch Ball To The Other Flank' 'Runs With Ball Often' Availability £700K Seems like a bargain! Be interested to see how he turns out. Anyone had any experiences with him?
  12. Is that what happens with Balista?
  13. Boot Room Vengeance

    Just did another test with Norwich (no transfers). Used Defensive Positioning for match prep on average. Played:11 Won: 6 Drew: 2 Lost: 3 So not bad at all! I beat Liverpool and Newcastle which was good! However I lost to Man City (0-5) and Tottenham (0-5) and that it only thing that is stopping me from giving this tactic a whirl in my proper save I tried man-marking the opponents fullbacks with my AMR/L's. Not sure what effect it had though....
  14. What do clubs take into account when they see applicants? Is it something like reputation and trophies won? Are there something they prioritise?
  15. Boot Room Vengeance

    Not too sure; they were about 11/12 I think