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  1. It stutters on 60Hz as well, even though it shows 60fps.
  2. The way I see it, it's an additional focus on match preparation, it doesn't mean other things are not being trained. You can't focus on everything as it isn't "focus" anymore so it makes sense even logically that only one match preparation, ie slight temporary attribute boost, can be used for each match.
  3. Just because something is "logical" to you or it makes sense for it to be that way IRL, doesn't mean it is how it works in the game. Just saying.
  4. Also a United fan. I never actually start as Man Utd but rather as a Conference club and work my way up. I'm OK with accepting Chelsea or Arsenal job but not Liverpool or City, just can't bring myself to manage either of those clubs. Not even to "destroy" them which seems a bit pointless anyway.
  5. Lots of debating on whether or not should the brexit lottery be in the game, but is there a good argument why it, and possibly other random, "hasn't happened yet" scenarios in the future, should not be optional at the start of the save? Is there a good reason or any reason at all why should it be forced at this point? Yes, you can disable it in the editor but most people don't know how and most people have already started their games before getting the hard brexit.
  6. So much wrong with this post. For a start, hard brexit affects lower leagues more than rich top level clubs hunting for talent. Also, not everyone knew about the feature before buying the game, that's a ridiculous assumption. I did not, my friends did not either. We bought it becase we liked the demo where no brexit occurs. For some reason people seem unable to understand it's not about anything being unfair to human vs AI players, or being afraid of challenge. It's about not wanting made up restrictions and rules that do not exist IRL and may never do. It's not really your or anyone else's business to be the judge whether or not it ruined someone's game. We had hard brexit in our lower league online career game and all of us hated it. We didn't rage quit or stopped playing altogether but we hated it and still do so in a way it did ruin our game. Having it optional is the only sensible option. IF it happens IRL, then it can be hardcoded for all I care.
  7. Perhaps with some facts? Only south americans come even close. Try posting something constructive for a change.
  8. Are you serious? You do know most of the good footballers come from Europe, right? If it isn't such a big deal why do people want hard brexit in their game for a challenge? It does ruin a pretty popular playstyle, no matter what you think about it.
  9. As long as we don't know what is going to happen for sure, it should absolutely be optional at the very least. I find it pretty bizarre that SI feel so strongly about this that they even went out of their way to make it impossible for people to even reload their game to get a different outcome and not ruin their game. I appreciate some don't feel it ruins the game or that some like the "challenge" but hard brexit ruins a pretty popular game style and it only happens after you have already invested a lot of time in the game. If/when it happens IRL, then fair enough. Until then, get rid of it or make it optional.
  10. Best FM 16 skin but player names are impossible to read on white shirts and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this. So annoying SI had to mess with the tactics screen and make it hard for both the players and the modders too.
  11. So annoying we have to go through this just to have a normal tactics screen again, especially considering the rest of the game looks good blur effect aside. As suspected, these boxes don't bring any real new functionality, just horrible design on SI part. Hopefully you guys will figure something out before FM17 when shirts come back
  12. By far the worst FM feature ever since it was introduced. Every year it's on the list of "big improvements" and yet it always ends up as repetitive and as boring as ever. From everything we've seen so far, FM16 is not going to be an exception.
  13. Yep. Why make a video for the whole reason of showing why it couldn't be done with shirts, and then NOT show it? As much as I love this game, SI have never been great at UI design. Remember when they took out the sidebar, right at the time widescreen monitors became standard? Shirts will be back for FM17 for sure.
  14. Okay. But do people not know you can change player roles and duties on FM15 tactic screen as well? I watched the video and still I don't see how does it explain why the UI HAS to look the way it currently does. You could still have the same functionality without the hideous blocks.
  15. As far as aesthetics go, it looks hilariously bad. Like really awful. Reminds me of aftermarket car stereos all of which look like they belong in a space ship interior. Apparently it's impossible to make one that sounds good and looks decent. Not that I'm seeing any real new functionality here either. You could change player roles and duties from tactics screen in FM15 as well. Am I missing something here?
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