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  1. Best FM 16 skin but player names are impossible to read on white shirts and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this. So annoying SI had to mess with the tactics screen and make it hard for both the players and the modders too.
  2. So annoying we have to go through this just to have a normal tactics screen again, especially considering the rest of the game looks good blur effect aside. As suspected, these boxes don't bring any real new functionality, just horrible design on SI part. Hopefully you guys will figure something out before FM17 when shirts come back
  3. By far the worst FM feature ever since it was introduced. Every year it's on the list of "big improvements" and yet it always ends up as repetitive and as boring as ever. From everything we've seen so far, FM16 is not going to be an exception.
  4. Yep. Why make a video for the whole reason of showing why it couldn't be done with shirts, and then NOT show it? As much as I love this game, SI have never been great at UI design. Remember when they took out the sidebar, right at the time widescreen monitors became standard? Shirts will be back for FM17 for sure.
  5. Okay. But do people not know you can change player roles and duties on FM15 tactic screen as well? I watched the video and still I don't see how does it explain why the UI HAS to look the way it currently does. You could still have the same functionality without the hideous blocks.
  6. As far as aesthetics go, it looks hilariously bad. Like really awful. Reminds me of aftermarket car stereos all of which look like they belong in a space ship interior. Apparently it's impossible to make one that sounds good and looks decent. Not that I'm seeing any real new functionality here either. You could change player roles and duties from tactics screen in FM15 as well. Am I missing something here?
  7. Yeah that's true. In this version players seem to be more specific than ever as to why they're unhappy or why they want to leave. It just seems completely ridiculous to me that half the first team want to leave for this very specific reason, and all at once too. When has this ever happened at one of the top clubs? It seems I have to spend money on an in game editor to fix this, and ruin my save in the process as it will feel like cheating. gg SI.
  8. I'm at Everton in 2023. Six of my first team players, so literally ALL my key players, want a new challenge "as achieved everything at current club'. They've been here for 2 years and we've won the PL title and are doing OK in CL. None of them want to even speak about signing a new contract. Are you guys saying I'll have to sell all of them as this can't be resolved?? I don't have an option to talk to them about it. They came to me about wanting to leave for Chelsea, Barcelona etc. and I said I'll accept the offer as long as they match my valuation of them. Offers never came but all of them still have "slight concern" and don't want to talk about renewing contracts. I could understand them wanting to leave for a bigger club, or indeed want a new challenge after 5 or so years but this is ridiculous IMO. Also, tried doing the same test as the OP, as soon as I resign, all of them are happy to stay at the club and don't want a new challenge anymore. How does this make any sense?
  9. Meaning everything else being equal, the higher the finishing attribute, the higher the general accuracy right? When you think of a good finisher or a lethal striker IRL, you don't really think of his shots on target percentage stats. It makes no sense to me that finishing in the game has nothing to do with, well, finishing off chances.
  10. If technique is more important for performing an accurate shot on goal when presented with a chance, why is it not listed as one of the key attributes for Poacher or Advanced Forward roles? I'm not sure what a player's "ability to get a shot on target" really means. Surely a shot on target by itself is not really useful if it isn't any more accurate and/or more likely to beat the keeper compared to a player with lower finishing attrubute?
  11. Thanks a lot for this. One question though. Why is it that even though I commented out the modified formation panels, I still get player names and roles which I don't want to see in formations view? I just want 2D dots and nothing else. "Default Formation panels" seems to be the active one in the xml file and yet names and roles still show up.
  12. Just because it's possible it still doesn't mean most goals are not scored the same way which is the issue here. There are too many crosses and defenders are simply not dealing with them properly. I watch games in comprehensive highlights and I can't remember matches in FM being ever being so dull to watch due to repetitive goals. It's so bad I'm already getting bored of an otherwise excellent game.
  13. This has been by far my biggest issue with FM15 so far. 90% of goals being scored are pretty much the same. It has nothing to do with tactics or anything. Try watching ai vs ai games and you'll see it's the same in every league at any level. ME has NEVER been this bad when it comes to lack of variety. Posting clips of single goals would not prove anything.
  14. Very interesting, I didn't know it was possible to tweak each settings profile. Thanks for that Svenc. I'm going to play with settings and see what happens. You have to restart the game in order for new values to take effect, right?
  15. Does nothing for me. Wouldn't software rendering only refer to interface rendering though? Either way, my game runs either perfectly smooth at 60fps, or absolutely awful at anything under 60fps. Even 55fps lags terribly. I found turning off crowd and seats gives me 60fps at high settings but it's not a solution really. I'm going to open a thread in the bugs forum. Most games feel smooth even at 30fps, let alone 55.