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  1. I'd not realised that 'teamwork' match training was not a cumulative thing until this thread. Something of a problem though where the in game text explicitly states that it affects team cohesion (a general training category) if it's not actually the case.
  2. Uploaded a save with the filename: Andy-D_under20HighlightsCrash.fm You can let me know if you need any more info. I might actually have at least 1 more save than can demonstrate the same issue if required. To reproduce the crash: -immediately after loading the save, go directly to the inbox -select the unread news item reporting on the under 20 match: "Celtic Under 20s 3-0 Berwick Rangers" -click on the "3-0" (either on the left or headline of news item) to load the match -click on a goal time in the top left overview panel (e.g Boris Rapaic (51)) to attempt to watch the goal -the "generating match report" bar should begin to load, and the game will then immediately crash as the loading bar completes.
  3. Couldn't see this posted elsewhere, so I can provide a save game if required and is an issue not previously reported/under review. First 3 under 20 games of the season I was able to view without issue, but the highlights of my last 2 under 20 matches are causing a crash The only custom element to the game is adding 2 youth players via the Steam workshop. There are no other custom files or logos or anything used. I've also tried deleting both the cache and preferences folders but that didn't help. - Basically, I get an under-20 match result in a news item/inbox - I click the match score on within the news item headline to access the match - I then click on a goal time in the top left overview panel in order to view the goal highlight - The game then starts a loading bar near the top of the screen with "generating match report" - As soon as this bar completes the game crashes without showing the highlight Some possibly relevant aspects I've noticed: - the crash does not happen if I access the match via the schedule>under-20 fixtures screen. It only occurs when accessing the match directly from the inbox - when accessing the match via the schedule screen, a 'blue bar' begins loading as the bottom of the screen immediately after clicking on a match. This 'blue bar' does not appear when accessing the match via the inbox, it just displays the overview screen without anything apparently loading in the background. - when clicking on the match via inbox, and then clicking on a goal highlight, both the "generating match report" bar near the top, and the 'blue bar' near the bottom begin loading as the same time. The "generating match report" bar always completes before the 'blue bar loads, and it is at this exact moment that the game crashes. - however, when selecting a match and goal via the under-20 schedule screen, the 'blue bar' always loads/finishes before the "generating match report" bar is complete. - And also, not sure if this could be related, but I'd previously reported another issue about a blank pitch when viewing under-20 highlights in 2D Classic camera mode, and the steps to reproduce are near identical. In the sense, the issue frequently occurred when viewing match highlights via the inbox but extremely rarely when viewing via the schedule screen. (I'd since switched to 2D non-classic to avoid the issue, so not sure if it still remains). - Again, perhaps not important, but I never had this issue prior to 17.3.1
  4. Cheers for the stats, wouldn't have known where to find them. And that's pretty much my point yep, that he can consistently play the BWM role in real life (which he does almost exclusively) without being a complete magnet for yellow and red cards. Although other clubs fans like to claim the referees give him special treatment, but that's beside the point
  5. Well it's not necessarily a bug? Hence why I posted in the feedback thread. But the point about Scott Brown is that he plays that specific role in real life, and yes he certainly picks up some bookings, but also is (generally) great at operating on that line beyond which a 2nd booking will occur. The issue at present for me is that is seems that both the mentioned players seem incapable of operating on the safe side of that line when given a BWM role. Now maybe I've just been unlucky in my game so far, I have no idea, hence raising the point. Although equally, there's no way to instruct 'ease off tackles' with BWMs this year? It was greyed out for players with that role, but I'm sure I was able to set that instruction that last year, unless i'm getting confused.
  6. Perhaps only semi regularly. Normally 1 of them starting, and 1 perhaps on as a sub, but not really any different to what I did in the last 2 games, indeed with some of the same players (Ajer and Banggaard). It does seem that perhaps the playing of them regularly is more important this year though, as I always maxed out the confidence bar in the past doing essentially the same thing. And separate issue I've run into, red cards for ball winning midfielders seem a little excessive perhaps. Using Scott Brown in that role, he gets a yellow card nearly every game, and if I don't change his role towards the later stages of the match then he is getting sent off roughly 1 in 3 games. Johanssen requiring similar micro management too in order to keep him on the pitch if played in that role. Seems a little excessive, and unrealistic the extent of micro-management required. Not alone with the issue with those 2 players either, other FM players on a Celtic forum I use suggest they sell them on due to the red card problems. Perhaps a stat issue though as opposed to gameplay/engine, not sure.
  7. Only just started playing properly a few days ago, but is the 'sign young players for the 1st team' philosophy known to be buggy atm or is it just balanced differently from previous years? Playing as Celtic, doing much the same as I do every year, signing some old experienced players (6) as well as some youngsters (5) in the first transfer window. In the last few versions of the game the board have always been delighted, but in September and they're getting 'deeply concerned', with the confidence bar at the minimum. Also, I'm not sure if Celtic player ratings are significantly reduced this year, but I'm consistently losing in possession terms to other SPL sides, and even Championship sides in the cup and friendlies (maybe averaging 47:53). I understand my tactics may well be to blame to an extent, but it doesn't exactly seem particularly realistic at the moment. Even using the default tactics, I'd have thought the difference in player quality should be enough to ensure the greater share of possession (like in previous years).
  8. I've tried some more testing by replaying the same match several times over in different window sizes. The stutter certainly does seem less in smallest window size and in full screen mode vs the large custom window I've been using. However it was never eliminated entirely, I could normally still see it once a match or so, and there were occasional matches with the custom window where it wasn't occurring either, so it still seems somewhat random. What I did find though is that the stutter is always linked to disc access from Football Manager (using resource monitor to confirm that), and happens at no other time during a match. The difference seemed to be with the large custom window lots more of those disc reads were causing stutter in the match where as with the small window most of the time it had no effect.
  9. I've done some testing with this tonight like you suggested and it does appear that there is a difference. On the smallest size window the stuttering was significantly reduced compared to the large size window, although I was still able to spot it on a few occasions. Will continue to compare/test over the weekend if I get more playtime in.
  10. Using windowed mode in a custom large window, basically the full height of a 1080p desktop but only about 2/3 the width. Pretty much the same way I played FM13. I've not got any anti virus installed, only the default windows defender (on Win7) for spyware scans.
  11. Playing windowed mode, albeit a large one, and getting occasional stutter at random times during highlights, meaning I often miss small parts of the highlight. For example sometimes I'm not even able to tell which player had a the shot at goal if there was stutter before the ball was struck. There's no system issues that I can think of that should be interfering. I've tried both of the latest Nvidia drivers to see if it might have been driver specific, but happened on both. Never had the issue on FM13, or previous years, and the system is above recommended spec (i7 3820, 8GB, 680 SLI), with up do date drivers, and no background Anti Virus running either. The only thing I have been able to link with the stutter is the sound of hard drive access/click sound at the exact moment the stutter occurs, although the game itself is running from a different drive from the OS (separate steam drive) and I couldn't be certain which drive was being accessed.
  12. Seems like other folk also have issues with corners on the latest patch then (14.2.2)? Playing as Celtic I concede about 70% of my goals from corners, using default settings. Also, maybe it's bad luck for me, but from watching the highlights, the corner balance in terms of the ball movement seems visually swayed to the AI. Obviously at Celtic they have generally the best CBs in the league. I also spent the transfer funds on some other probably well known quality bargain CBs. Yet I was consistently losing out defensively on corners to players with far lesser ability in the air, where as offensively my players seem to be winning more but missing goal by ridiculous amounts half the time. Also own goals being another issue when defending corners. When played to the near post there seems to be a few strange own goals happening. Corners conceded seems a bit crazy too, the AI seemingly trying to win them from perhaps a third inside the half way line. Maybe I've just been unlucky so far, but I've been playing since 97/98, and it's genuinely the only version that's seemed unbalanced enough to stand out, for my style of play at least.
  13. Just a point on the 'long shots problem'. The real life stats on percentage of long shots (posted a few pages back) would suggest the game isn't actually that far off at all. Of course we can't track long shots as a percentage of total team shots across a season via in game stats (maybe SI can access those stats?), and would need to do it manually instead to gather the numbers and a decent sample size.
  14. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I dont find the match engine that bad. Playing as Celtic, so dont know if there's an element of the level you're playing at making a difference. Through balls have certainly reduced, but it could be said there was far too many before. I've rewatched highlights of my goals on 13.1.3 and lots were as a result of perfect long range through balls, or barca style tiki-taki moves. Goals seem more varied now for me, with a better mix of 'good' goals and 'scrappy' goals, the latter being somewhat absent in the past.
  15. Just to mention this is also something that has been bothering me a fair bit too. In the past I have always played matches with players stats page open, and the game always automatically switched to a match highlight when necessary and then back to your chosen screen once the highlight was finished. In one previous version (maybe fm09?) there was a bug that stopped this working correctly, but think it was eventually fixed in a patch. So I guess I was wondering if this is perhaps a bug that means this doesn't work like it used to, or rather purely a design decision to remove it?
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