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  1. In the editor Newcastle had the scout contract type set as "part time", changed that which solved the problem. Don't think it has anything to do with rep
  2. Ahh right, im new to the spanish league, cheers for the info lads
  3. When managing English teams its easy to keep "fringe" players fit even when not playing in the first team by "making player available for reserves" But, as manager of barca how do you keep fringe players fit? I presume there is a better alternative to simply transferring between A and B teams constantly?
  4. For some reason not a single scout will enter negotiations - even with an obscure rep, im newcastle and only have 1 scout currently employed. Anyone know what's going on?
  5. When using the official editor, can anyone tell me why you cannot edit the Portuguese team names? I know this league isn't licensed but don't understand why the names cant be changed in the editor? Forsome reason the full name, short name and six letter name must all be the same?
  6. Is the 3.0 pack using SI's faces used in the demo like last year? For example SI faces of Barcelona are as up to date and as high quality as possible really.
  7. Is the sendspace link in the op to do with required player attributes? its not working for me
  8. Just raped off man city at home (newcastle) - tevez got four, robinho 2. My dismal record against them goes on. ALL SIX of their goals were 20 yard+, feel like punching a hole in the wall.
  9. Before i edited i was slating Utorrent and my ISP but iv had a mess around and got fast speeds now.
  10. If i create an account and supply the password then could someone try to upload the v2 pack here? http://www.humyo.com/ - it allows free file storage of up to 10gb. it would make it easier for people who cant use u torrent. For example my ISP is talk talk and they throttle torrent clients making it impossible to achieve speeds of above 1kb/s. Its ridiculous i know.
  11. Anyone know why the rapidshare links have been blocked??? Also any news on a direct download? Cheers
  12. What are the rapidshare links for?? Are they the V2 megapack split into 14?
  13. Could someone post a screenshot of the premier league table just so i can see the layout of logos etc, thanks
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