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  1. Is the sendspace link in the op to do with required player attributes? its not working for me
  2. Just raped off man city at home (newcastle) - tevez got four, robinho 2. My dismal record against them goes on. ALL SIX of their goals were 20 yard+, feel like punching a hole in the wall.
  3. :O Nasty little michael owen will never get a hatrick for man u IRL
  4. Great update wally, but have you ever had any trouble with transfer fees when selling players? Ive just started with newcastle in the championship and sold Joey Barton for 5million to fulham, i havent actually received a penny??
  5. Right so are you saying the words "not available yet" dont appear on your version? Simple question son, no need to be an arse about it.
  6. Anyone know why im still getting "not available yet" for a clubs favoured/disliked personnel ? Cheers
  7. favoured personell etc still says "not available yet" ?
  8. Right cheers thats worked. I got the confusion because before i did system restore i ALWAYS used to start FMRTE without extraction and it worked fine. Not now though. Thanks again
  9. class. i won the league with newcastle in first season. dont know how first trophy in 50 odd years and still not even favoured personel. Haaa
  10. Cheers alexw but im not even going to try and get by that error - so ive jsut requested ruci make an installer version available (like a previous version back in november) so ill be sorted then . Anyway i was just reading over some previous posts and was wondering whether or not the favoured personel thing was implimented? Cheers
  11. im getting this error message now again, any possible help is appreaciated.
  12. Thats what i would have thought aswell but thats not the problem because i recently done system restore. So iv been using this version before (and started it from in Winrar). Anyway the same thing happens ater extraction. The error message means nothing to me though. Thanks or any help lads.
  13. Anyway i can solve this error? i have framework - ive also been on bracasoft but im getting the "Flyspray JE plugin not activated!" error on there so i presime this is the sites fault. Cheers for any help.
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