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  1. I'll do a little season review after the 2011/2012 season if you don't mind!
  2. End of season 2010/2011 Premier League - 3rd. Winner: Chelsea Champions League - Quarter Finals. Winner: Real Madrid FA Cup - Semi Finals. Winner: Aston Villa Carling Cup. Winner Arsenal player stats Top goalscorers - Robin van Persie, 30 goals in all competitions Marouane Chamakh, 17 goals in all competitions Samir Nasri, 15 goals in all competitions Assists - Robin van Persie, 24 assists in all competitions Theo Walcott, 14 assists in all competitions Samir Nasri and Jack Wilshere, 9 assists in all competitions Average Rating - Robin van Persie, 7.43 in all competitions B
  3. Yeah, the start was a bit shaky, but then I went on a great run, winning 9 games on the trot in all competitions, scoring 25 goals and only conceding once. I'm on a run as we speak aswell, 11 wins on the trot, though I've conceded some. I'm in April now, and I've won the Carling Cup, through to the FA Cup Semi Final, through to the Quarter Finals in the Champions League, and currently 3rd in the League with 60 points, 7 points behind Chelsea. Liverpool are first with 75 points and still haven't lost a game in the Premier League so far. I bought this guy in January as backup for Song, because
  4. Liverpool - Arsenal 3-2 Arsenal - Blackpool 0-0 Blackburn - Arsenal 1-0 Arsenal - Bolton 0-1 Arsenal - Panathinaikos 3-0 (Champions League Group Stages) Sunderland - Arsenal 2-2 Millwall - Arsenal 1-4 (Carling Cup 3rd Round) Arsenal - West Brom 3-0 Real Madrid - Arsenal 0-0 (Champions League Group Stages) Chelsea - Arsenal 6-1 Arsenal - Birmingham 2-0 Sparta Prague - Arsenal 1-0 (Champions League Group Stages) Man City - Arsenal 0-2 Arsenal - Stoke 1-0 (Carling Cup 4th Round) Arsenal - West Ham 1-0 Arsenal - Sparta Prague 2-0 (Champions League Group Stages) Arsenal - Newcastle
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