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  1. Do you Play FM at Work?

    best job in the world. security guard, night shift, laptop, fm10. wooooooo. all night long yehhh all nigghtt looong
  2. My Fragile Strikeforce...

    old ass ronaldo can fire you 20goals for a season no bother, 2nd season with me he played about 12/15 & got about 6. he old but will be good backup & should have a season in him, well for me anyhoo.
  3. replce the or add picturs in the history screen to show the trophys aswell as a trophy room & litle medals in a players history. nothing fancy just medal icons next to the names & dates.
  4. i brought ronaldo for the 1st 2 seasons & then he too old. loved him for my club & was banging in the goals.
  5. request

    no help di you know that i can make an fm rifle that shoots footballs haha
  6. Rafa playing FM

    lol, that was funny haha
  7. request

    made a new scottish setup at the beginning on release. turned out quite good & im in ma 4th season. go's like this: scottish premier league 18teams h&a. scottish league division one 20teams h&a. scottish progress league 20teams h&a. progress cup. scottish cup. 4 nations league cup, scotland, irland, wales, england. --- the only thing i dont like is not haveing any badges for some teams & logo's for my competitions i figured out the league editor but badges & logo's aint my strong point?, so if someone is willing to do this for me id be very much gratefull. hear the load "well i think its it" also its the "scottish setup bk file im useing" http://www.mediafire.com/?z3tzyg1nynt --- im also into fallout3 & do some mods hear & there, as a thank you i will mod anything that you want for said game includeing custom mesh createing "provideing you have it haha"
  8. well it a shame it dont work the other way. i always scout relegated teams youth players & in the hope of them wanting to jump ship there price stays the same.
  9. new scotland pics???

    iv made myself a 3 teir league and some cup compatitions. i want to add league & cup pics "to be made", so can someone tell me the process of adding said pics to my leagues.
  10. Why I so love my Girlfriend

    dose she need any freinds, mine a lazy beatch haha .
  11. Editor

    so busy that you just jump strait in there???. in the blog section theres a link to video tutorials. only takes 5minutes each?. i make a new scottish set up and everythings working perfect. 18 team league with 2 lower 20 team leagues. and a home nations cup for england, wales, irland and scotland.
  12. bit of cheating there hmmmmm
  13. every time i start a new game "rangers" i sell everyone "exeptions hear & there" the result is usaly a runaway rangers that are on par with premiership clubs.
  14. not as good as arsonel if the deal's still in place fm has.
  15. £15m Help!!

    that aint so bad haha. when your in 2039, try clicking upto £300.000.000? click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click bahhh you get the picture