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  1. Niether from my experience. Have him as inside forward in the AMR position. Worked a treat for me there before he broke his leg and retired at the end of the first season.Gutted!
  2. Has anyone had a problem with Ben Arfa retiring? He retired in mine at the end of the first season due to injury. When he played he was ace. Gutted .com!!!!
  3. How has Ben Arfa done for you guys? I would like to know for when hes back from injury. I was thinking of slotting him in as an inside forward on the right. Anyone had any luck with him there?
  4. Hi all! Could anyone tell me what the different transfer and wage budgets would be depending on Season expectation. I've seen at the top of the thread it says 8 mill is the standard but I dont know anymore than that! Thanks!
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