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    I have won so much in FM it is quite remarkable. I am the best FM player on these forums.

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  1. I am finding it very hard to sell players for some reason. They are decent players and i am asking for half their value but still no takers. It so hard, its making me think its bugged. Any tips?
  2. Is there a way to add staff to a shortlist? If not why not? I would like to be able to keep an eye on staff members i would like to add to my club instead of having to search for them. I forget about them half the time. Thanks
  3. I am 35 and have been playing it from the very beginning. Championship Manager 93 i believe it was. God it was so good even then. You had to buy each league as separate Disks/CD's back then and if i remember the boxes where in the form of the countries flag. If only i had kept them all. Bought it every year since 1993. The foreign transfer market was about 6 pages long and contained names like Gary Lineker, Eric Cantona, Duncan Ferguson, Basle Boli. lol. FECKING LOVED IT Long may it continue, though having a wife and two kids now has really cut down on the time i get to spend on it. Buying King Eric for that AC Milan team was the stuff of dreams.
  4. Looking to start my career and i am unsure if there is any difference between the two. Should i be starting it on demo or beta, or does it not matter? Are they are same apart from the amount of leagues you can load?
  5. Can someone explain to me how scouting knowledge works please. 1. Does it affect staff? eg. I want to try and sign a scout for Brazil and generally South Amercian. But no scouts for that region seem to exist in my staff search. Why? 2. How do i get scouting knowledge of a region if my scouts cannot travel to that area? 3. Best way to increase scouting knowledge say for a championship /League 1 club wanting to scout South America 4. At what point will my 'Player search' list all players in my database? Does my scouting knowledge of al areas need to be world class? 5. Does signing a top scout with lots of knowledge automatically increase scouting knowledge for the club immediately? Any other info would be great! If there is a thread talking about this subject already then please point me in its direction. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks buddy. You could do it in match prep screen in FM 14, right?
  7. Can someone help me out please. Wondering how i add a second or third tactic to the match prep screen? Currently i have one tactic added but the staff suggest adding another. How do i do this?# Thanks in advance
  8. Yes I put it in /graphics Then I have all the main gate files in /graphics/backgrounds Any ideas?
  9. Any idea why in the small screens (club info screen etc) i get pictures of seats? I don't get the ground? The main large background images are working.
  10. 'For whatever reason you can not assign Jose Enrique and Daniel Agger as tutors young players. ' Why would you wanna do this? The young players would only go backwards.
  11. Its been a while since i have played FM 2012 but i was hoping to start up a new game but i am having issues. The game will not launch. When steam loads and i click on the 'play' button i get a steam error saying 'The Game is currently unavailable, please try again at another time' Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. RUTGER SIMONS = Best i have seen The only guy i can remember being close to this is SANDRO, played for Real Madrid. Quite a few FM's ago, might have been in championship manager days actually.
  13. What Colour is the progress bar? I had had 3 requests accepted in my first season at Wolfsburg 1. To better training facilities 2. To Buy ground 3. Something else i cannot remember The cash that i lost was unreal. I was in the red by 18 Million at the end of the season. I was not made aware how much these plans would cost me or else i may not have agreed. Anyway in the end 2 of the progress bars went RED, lack of funds. The only one that was completed was the BUY GROUND. Question - Has all that cash it cost to almost complete the two lack of funds tasks been lost or if i ask again to improve training facilities will it only take a couple of months to complete given it was almost complete the first time
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