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  1. Just finished my first season and am pretty pleased with how it went. Came 2nd in the league, only really because Man Utd were unstoppable, and got to the Europa League semi-final. Van der Vaart is just an absolute god in the Trequartista role - scored 25 goals and got 33 assists. Didn't really delve much into the transfer market, bought Afellay from Barca in January for £7.5m and have got Cardozo coming for £9m in the summer, but didn't sell anyone. Highlight of the season was definitely this though: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. That's a daft question 317 league games without losing, and we have to lose all of our remaining 7 games to even have a chance of not winning the title. Even if we did lose all 7 games, Man City would have to win all their last 5 games, and even then we'd still be level on points.
  3. Martin Ling proves that, contrary to popular belief, you don't need at least a C in GCSE Maths to succeed in the world:
  4. YES YES YES YES!!!Kasper Schmeichel Jan Lastuvka James McEverley Philippe Mexes Boumsong Lucio (has a £10.75m minimum fee release clause IIRC) Nigel De Jong Tom Huddlestone Patrice Evra (probably the most consistent player I've ever had, he simply had to turn up to get an 8/10) Fredy Guarin John Welsh Daniele De Rossi Diego Andres D'Alessandro Aaron Lennon Lionel Morgan Evandro Roncatto Robinho Luis Fabiano Carlos Tevez Wayne Rooney Hatem Ben Arfa Fernando Cavenaghi Nathan Ellington Daniel Braathen Giampaulo Pazzini Anatoli Todorov Roque Santa Cruise Alessio Cerci (as already mentioned, LETHAL in the Diablo tactic) Alexander Farnerud
  5. ^ Oh God what a legendary game CM 03/04 was! Julian De La Cuesta...what a player. And Todorov.
  6. With Lasa, I don't think the Spanish can pronounce 'z' sounds (either that or my Spanish teacher was wrong), so that would just be 'Lassa'. With the others it should just be straight-forward, with the final 'e' accented.
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