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  1. Takeovers

    upload please?
  2. Takeovers

    To be fair Rob, Rafi said he was only wishing to stay at Chairman for about 3 seasons when he took over in 2008(?).
  3. The tycoon takeover thread

    Any chance of an upload?
  4. The tycoon takeover thread

    Anybody fancy uploading any?
  5. Saved Games Thread

    Thought I'd revive the thread, anybody at all?
  6. The tycoon takeover thread

    This, please.
  7. Football Manager Wiki

    Down for me
  8. Saved Games Thread

    Any help would be useful, thanks
  9. Saved Games Thread

  10. Saved Games Thread

    Couldn't find one on here for FM 2011 so anyone that feels free to share them - go ahead
  11. I know it's still early on but any tycoon takeovers or generally interesting saves could be placed in here?
  12. Demo Games File?

    Anybody know ?
  13. Sorry if this has been asked 10 million times before , But where is the file that the 2011 demo games are on so that I can play them on the full game? Thanks.
  14. Patch 11.1 sharing violation ?

    Oooops :o close this is you wish
  15. When updating/installing the new patch a sharing violation error message came up on one of the skin files. How can this be resolved? :confused: