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  1. i didnt need it as speed was good but honestly run it even if your happy will notice a difference. i was skeptical aswell but i never play without gamebooster and drag it on the screen to it will automatically load it when loading a game
  2. yes gamebooster added around 20% performance for myself personally and backdoored if you mean cracked yes.
  3. relegation relase clause?

    yes its active whenever your relegated. i never ever put that into player contract
  4. yes same here. had runs of single defeat followed by 9 wins on the spin so totally unrealistic in previous editions. This game is totally addictive for me on this save and really tempted not to patch to 11.3 when it comes out as i suddenly dont want to change much. yes my ambitions maybe flawed with stadium but serious 3000 capacity is not strong enough and been selling out for 3 seasons now. first time im in the black now aswell (as i stated i had no feeder clubs until this season and now i dont have a parent club) really good hard addictive game for me. just glad to see bank balance above 0 for the first ever time. right off to fight relegation from championship for me. few games left to put myself safe.
  5. gamebooster is awesome. email me as i have a multi-license copy for premium aswell that im willing to share.
  6. i dont want any winning tactic. my point is everyone moaning about the game being too easy etc but this is a real challenge. I actually enjoying struggling through with lack of funds etc. just got the building stage of a new stadium out of the way so at least numbers should go up. there honestly wasnt a moan when i said about results. for me it was a shock as usually its easier to get into premiership on these saves. really am enjoying fm11 for the sheer challenge of it. turning my results slowly and partially my fault for not noticing some staff somehow were still stuck on p/t contracts. whats the hardest but enjoying is i havent been able to get a parent club since the start (which i dont mind its a true challenge) and havent been able to get a decent feeder club either (again i dont mind all part of the challenge.) honestly fm11 was going to be my last in the series as everytime things go the same but thankfully this isnt the case for me.
  7. superb game and no criticism here at all. But for the first time since 05 i have hit a proverbial brick wall with lower league long term save. Started as weston super mare. been a good challenge now got them upto championship and bang does my lack of quality and money show through. 3000 stadium, only 250k to spend and my squad has to be the worst squad easily in the championship. started well first game 1-1 draw at home with watford. then this is my string of championship results since then. 6-1 loss, 3-2 loss, 7-1 loss, 6-3 WIN (i was 3 - 0 down at half time didnt say a word to my squad here), 8-1 loss to bristol city who were 6-0 up by half time, 4-3 loss 2-1 win great game in my eyes. lots of high scoring at least
  8. ^^^ agreed anyone above 26 without exception. i buy young and when any player turns 29 end of that season they are gone. i only play lower league management usually either fleetwood town (where my missus was born) or weston super mare (where i was born). so by the time im at championship or premier league level all the big names are retired or old and terrible. the beauty is everyone has their own opinion and routes through games. i enjoy finding undiscovered talent who can turn into top class talent.
  9. lol well i borrowed a copy off a mate whose gone off to oz until new year my missus just bought me it yesterday when i noticed it for xmas. its already been marked as despatched and as we are getting post quickly here i imagine itll be here by xmas (stuff i ordered saturday has arrived today)
  10. Reconsider Retirement

    The option comes up if the player is considering it. im playing as Weston Super Mare and had that options with some players but not all of them.
  11. look i can see both sides but in my opinion its a good game highly frustrating with some bugs but as people said you make the choice to buy and considering past experiences you know the procedures. I highly condone piracy myself but can see why people illegally download the game as some people want to play for free or refuse to buy until it is sorted. Consumers as we are all have the option to buy or not to buy. I still personally know of people playing fm08 because of the bugs in all other editions.
  12. hi, Just been browsing on play.com and football manager 2011 is £14.99 which isnt a bad price. So anyone looking for a copy head to play.com
  13. football manager 2011 too easy??

    too easy i agree Bristol City is my side. lost only 4 and drew 7 of the 46 games rest being wins. got £15 million to attempt to avoid relegation but finished 14th second season in prem i finished 7th with a £6 million budget third season just won the title which seemed too easily £25million 6 players in and i finished 13 points clear. this version seems easier and i wondered what formation your using? im using standard diamond 442 which seems king on this game
  14. Diamond formation in FM 2011

    diamonds rule on fm11 been using it and doing very well with it. all depends on your players
  15. i had this but next season they were completed. its down to chariman ambition, having good finances and general luck. i was bristol city couldnt afford even with promotion an upgrade but managed to avoid relegation and they were completed. General rule of thumb for me at my club is my chairman needs 150% of value before its considered. so basically is upgrade costs £10million he wont let me upgrade unless i have £15million in the bank