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  1. Dan, I’ve played your custom leagues before and loved them. Do you ever get time to play, though! Do you know if custom leagues are only loadable in the full game? I didn’t really like FM18. It seemed to easy, perhaps that’s because for the first time ever I took over my beloved Everton rather than a tiny team. Anyway, I lost interest for the first time in 20 years! This time (and for th first season ever), ive got the demo to see if I like it before spending the money. I’ve tried loading your custom league in the demo but can’t. I’m guessing custom leagues can’t be loaded in the demo but does anyone know for sure. It’s just that I don’t want to buy the game without knowing if I like it this time.
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere - I can't find it - do custom leagues/databases work with the Demo and if so, how are they loaded? Thanks in advance, Niall
  3. I have Morgan Schneiderlin who is doing a hell of a lot better in FM than he is in real life.
  4. Do you still use the half-back? I was wondering if there was a slightly more attacking role.
  5. Hi Ilgreb, Finding good quality wing-backs is really difficult for me. Which of Franky's 4-3-3s do you find works best?
  6. I second this, Franky - thanks for helping to make FM17 so much fun.
  7. I've done the exact same with L1 Poole Town. The F9 was immense in our first and only game - a 4-3 (aet) loss at Premier League Reading in the League Cup. The standard mentality seems to create more chances!
  8. Franky, I'd say my CDEFS and BWM (mine in much better suited to this role) get booked twice in three games - ie slightly more than 1 in 2. The other two mids would get booked once in every two. I occasionally get straight reds - 3 a season but very rarely a sending off for two yellows. The simple explanation is that my lower league players having lower tackling ratings eg 10-13.
  9. Yeah, i find it interesting how others are going. I gave the updated tactic a go and we lost 5-1 at bottom club Cambridge United even though it was fluid. I've gone back to 1.2c. I actually start on ultradefensive every game and got promoted from L2 like that. In league one, we're getting crowds of only about 2950.
  10. Which version are you using, Juan? Are you using OIs and following the guide to mentalities or always keeping it on one mentality?
  11. Hi Franky, I mean in terms of opposition instructions eg x needs marked, y needs closed down.
  12. I've never had a reputation. I started as a Sunday League player managing Poole Town in Conference League South. I now have them up to League One. Last season we also won away at Ipswich (Champ) and Sunderland (Prem) in the League Cup. The key is to follow the player requirements - especially as regards to work rate. Don't expect anything until EVERY player is familiar with the tactics. And you sometimes need to be a tactician - as Franky said - one quick CB is very important. If strikers are wriggling free, set CBs to mark tight AND nominate the actual striker they are to mark. Towards the end of my league winning season, I was using team reports to work out whether a team was getting goals from tall strikers with good heading, fast strikers, or a combination. If there was a fast striker who was in form, I was picking my CB Ben Cabango who was actually 2 stars worse as a defender, because his pace is 16 and his marking is ok. He was coping well nullifying the fast striker. I first did this after being torn apart in the first half of the game, second half, the opponents didn't get a sniff. In one game, I even dropped the back line deep and unticked play offside. Cmids with brilliant workrate (you really see the difference with these guys - just as Everton look excellent with Schneiderlin and Gueye in real life) give you protection with a deep backline. Franky has given us a fantastic framework but if the opponent is battering you with something, do not be afraid to change it but it's essential to be logical about the change - why you are doing it, does it make sense or is change for the sake of it. This way you give it a chance of working. And, whether it works or fails, learn from it - it may tip you off about a priority in the next transfer window.
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