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  1. very simple ideas here. 1.More leagues(specifically Argentine and Serbian) its a bit strange to be able to manage a national team that doesn't have a base league. 2.an editor is great too 3.allow more filters(expected wages, player status) 4.option to disable match engine completely. 5.challenges available in FMHI 6.choose number of divisions rather than 1 full country plus 3 top divisions. to play(up to a max of 8 at least), (playing England full and 3 others equal 8.) 7.start lower.(eg: include BSBP/BSBN in england, Brazil Third.)the leagues are already there,but seems like the data isn't. 8.able to offer contracts to greyed out players(able to do so in the full FM game) Will add more when they come to mind.^^
  2. hey SI team just wondering whether it would be possible to implement World scouting(ongoing) in FMH? Regards Ivan in Singapore
  3. I tried the spamming before, crashed my system at the 2bn mark(bingo!) so i have tried to stay away from it, transfer confirmation crashhas happened here off and on sometimesi dont bother and just start a new game and pray. Ivan in Singapore
  4. Unlockable Request

    the big bro FM game has that feature so maybe its possible. would like to see it too:) Ivan in Singapore
  5. have u maxed out your loan limit? (4) iirc.? Ivan in Singapore
  6. so far i have only had 60m bid rejected from real/barca for cr7/messi. otherwise all accepted, but no complaints bcos there are so many other available(regens included) Ivan in Singapore
  7. Questions

    1. Is it possible in future versions to load all leagues at start but yet set all others to load only data from league that I'm currently managing in? As in , all info/results shown/generated during holidays would then only be related to the league I'm managing. I hope something like that can be done(or similar) because I think it can speed up the game. Will be updated if I have other questions.
  8. 1. i understand now why maybe its not feasible 2. thats why its an unlockable, means once you unlock it, its optional to toggle or not toggle it, so i dont see why it cant be in the game. Ivan in Singapore
  9. I dont know whether there has been a feature request thread already for FMH 2012 for PSP but My requests for additions for the next game will be as follows 1. More filters for the player lists (Player's requested wages, Club requested player transfer fee) 2. A new unlockable: Talent Spotter With the intro of the coach report star ratings, I thought a "talent Spotter unlockable would be relatively useful where if unlocked, the player doesn't have to scout players to know their ability stars, if at your current club. PS: if there is a thread similar to this, please alert me and i will transfer it there. thanks Ivan in Singapore
  10. this is something new. Im into the 2014/2015 season(1st) with Sunderland. and my latest board confidence update shows " the board is unhappy with the team's current position but is aware that its your predecessor's fault" Anyone got that before? Ivan in Singapore
  11. Reputation

    Seems like i forgot to mention that I got all the new jobs mid-season, in the offseason for the 1st two and the man u-spurs job 10 games in. Ivan in Singapore
  12. does club reputation increase over time in game? Im into the 2012/2013 season and I just got the Tottenham job. Before that my job list read 1.Bath(promotion to League 2) 2.Bradford City(Promotion to League 1) 3. Man U(ended up 5th in the same season) Spurs job now from November. My question is that, IRL Man U is obviously the more popular option and how come not so at this point in the game? Options Enabled:Reject bids below asking price,Apply for jobs at higher rep clubs All Preferences except No Sacking enabled Regards Ivan in Singapore
  13. i see, yes i tried, seems like the overbudget thing was the problem. fixed that by allocating money to the salary budget:)
  14. might i also mention that i sort the player list by lowest value and only buy players from clubs that want to sell. Regards Ivan in Singapore
  15. I'm managing Forest Green at the moment with all unlockables enabled(used sugar daddy once). I decided that I would go with the cheapest and youngest players in the game, therefore my market search filters areas follows: Age 0-21, Based Abroad, and that's all. Spent 1.8 million the 1st year, 3.5m the second and 1.3m the 3rd(current) Players sold:14 for 5.75m, Players bought:37 for 7m Formation played 4-3-3 unedited With this Forest Green has went up to League one with 2 consecutive league titles and an FA Trophy, lost in the Semis to eventual winners Charlton got to the FA Cup 5th round(beat Sheffield Wednesday 4-3 after trailing 3-1 with 7 minutes to go!), got beaten by Sunderland 3-2, knocked out of the League Cup 1st round twice(2012 and current season) Who knew that money didnt mean everything in success? considering i had tried doing a Super Team spamming SD and getting the likes of Rooney,Pato and Ozil amongst others yet i felt i wasnt playing the games the right way. BTW, I have a question about transferring funds, seems like after the first day, i cant seem to transfer funds(and in all the money can go from the transfer budget to the salaries but not the other way around, i used to be able to do it before. Would like views on this. Regards Ivan in Singapore