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    Still waiting to get offered the Ireland job despite winning CL three years in a row!!

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  1. I tend to wait until I am approached. Plus applying can upset the club you are currently in charge of.
  2. Tim Krul WTF

    I've seen something similar where a keeper caught the ball but stepped back slightly into the goal, nothing as blatant as this and only ever in lower leagues where keepers are more liable to make errors. This looks like one for the Asian betting syndicates
  3. I'll tell you soon as I just got Finn Harps up to the top league in Ireland when I was only expected to finish mid table. Still a part time club with no money (gates of 300 people) trying to get some players with top league experience into the club in the off season. Not looking good for the new season but we shall see.
  4. Pretty Regens?

    What would you like to be when you leave school? A professional footballer. Any second choice? Bono's stunt double!!
  5. It's like playing guess who.....is it Roger?
  6. I generally don't change clubs but in the event I do I'll only do so if approached.
  7. Mexico have just won 2014 World Cup in my game, interestingly enough I'm not running the Mexican league.
  8. I would hope it is possible in game but I havent tested it myself.
  9. EU citizens and Irish citizens and people from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, need no work permits. Non-EU Sports Professionals who wish to play sport professionally in Ireland must apply for a Work Permit. This is from the official website so it appears that applications are on a case by case basis but there is no set criteria. "The Sports Professional Work Permits Scheme, is made available to sporting organisations as a concession to support sports within Ireland and may be withdrawn if the conditions of the Scheme are not observed. Applications for Work Permits for Sports Professionals are only considered for players and are not considered for coaches. A Sports Professional who holds a Work Permit must only be engaged as a Professional Player. The contracted player is not permitted to engage in any other form of employment for the Club or for any other employer. Furthermore, it should be noted that Work Permits are employer specific. Therefore, a Professional Player cannot move from one club to another club without first receiving a new employment permit. Work Permit applications for coaches must meet normal work permit criteria. Work Permits for Sports Professionals are generally issued for the period of the playing season and are non-renewable. However, where the salary of the Sports Professional is over €30,000 per annum, a Work Permit may be considered for a longer period. New applications for Sports Professionals can only be considered where the professional is residing outside the State. A Sports Professional, in respect of whom a Work Permit application has been submitted, must not arrive, or play, in Ireland prior to the issuing of the Work Permit"
  10. It needs improvement one way or the other and if SI are going to look at this area then I'm all for your ideas.
  11. Not a bad idea in itself but I don't feel the media side of things adds anything of value to the game so I personally would rather the game was developed in other areas.
  12. As a LLM I'd love to see more realism in the stadium set up. I've played games a number of times against teams who do not have a stadium and play on a fenced off pitch yet they have a full small stadium.
  13. Or if the players were bordering on poor fitness.
  14. I got a couple of Irish regens while managing in Holland