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  1. lol this guy is so funny
  2. LOL he is new to the forum
  3. Hi Do U find that when you team are not getting results and not on form they are missing like 7 clear cut chances ?
  4. So Apart from getting hit on the counter attack Can Setting forward runs , have a negative effect on your team defensivesly
  5. Hi I want to set my full backs to forward runs . But are forward runs mean they will make runs off the ball or with the ball ?? Thanks
  6. Has anybody else had this . It cant just be me ?????????
  7. Why is it that you can get more success away from home playing a more mixed passing At home I can play short and keep the ball really well . But away I have to play mixed :8 because I cant keep the ball really well . But I do with Mixed Why is this ?? Thanks
  8. Not sure why it works though Anybody ??
  9. Hi In away games does your assistant say , that we cant keep the ball at the moment . Does anybody have much success playing a passing style of like 8 for away games Home Games - 4 Away Games - 8 It is 8 for Away games because teams close you down a lot more . And I cant seem to keep the ball at all Thanks
  10. At Home Games My team seem to really dominate the game , and I play a passing style of of 4 It just seems that in away games , my team cant get a grip of the game , and I end up giving the ball away really easily . But when I change the passing style to 8 , they seem to keep the ball really well Thanks
  11. I have just tried to play a more direct approach At home my passing style is - 5 Away it is 8 because of the preasure on the ball
  12. Hi At home do you often to play a more short pass game , so you can keep control of the game and dominate it But in away games do you move the slider more to mixed to so you can vary it . Just asking because my Assistant said that , we cant keep control of the ball , and a more direct approach , not by playing long ball , but a bit more than short passing Thanks
  13. Yes there is no option there
  14. Hi I signed a Brazillian wonderkid After 2 weeks he said he cant settle into the area , and in the press cofferences they keep asking me if he is going to be allowed time to settle in By Sending him away How can I send him away , there is no option to ?? Thanks
  15. ?????????????????