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  1. Top5 Must Buys

    for me its... 1. Dzeko-need i say more? v. good striker and quite cheap! 2. Otamendi-Good CB now and best CB in the future! 3. Cheap-and good GK 4.Hamsik-pretty cheap and ots of assists 5.Cassano-Great AMC (watch for iaquinta too, hes cheap and scores lots!0
  2. how do i stp steam from updating?? everytime i wanna play the stupid steam updates and takes a long time. thus, i play FM less. how do i stop this??
  3. i'm thinking of playing a 4-3-3 with inside forwards cutting in. i would need a few players and am open to your suggestions. GK-dunno yet RB-sagna LB-clichy DC-vermaalan DC-gallas DMC-dunno MC-fabregas MCa-dunno(mayb van der vaart) AMR-van persie(cutting in inside forward) AML-arshavin(same as RVP) FC-maybe dzeko so i would need a MCa, DMC and a GK. i may also get a DC if my budget permits(not so important) i could use some suggestion and who do u think is better-gallas or vermaalan(on the demo)
  4. Tug's Training 2009

    does this work on 2010 or is there amother schedule for the latest version???
  5. so what kind of passing does Manchester United use irl?
  6. Juan Manuel Vargas - real gem of a player!

    is he a good left back? can he defend properly?
  7. hi, how do i get a Dc pairing that has one player that is a very good passer of the ball and one that is a fighter, a typically English defender that just lumps it up way up the pitch or passes it to a deep lying MCd or his defensive partner? An example is ferdinand and Vidic for Manchester Uinted.
  8. lawd, what position training do you have riquelme on? dmc? i know he is playing as a deep lying playmaker but is he on a DMc's training schedule??
  9. The Ultimate Team to play 4-2-3-1

    how about... GK - Van der saar RB - rafael LB - Evra LCB - vidic RCB - Ferdinand MC - hargreaves MC - anderson AML - Rooney AMC - Tevez AMR - C Ronaldo FC - Berbatov
  10. High Scoring Centre Backs at Corners

    vidic is a monster in the opponent's box too!!
  11. The Ultimate Team to play 4-2-3-1

    In FM GK - Akinfeev RB - Srna LB - Evra LCB - Sakho RCB - Fazio DMC - Essien MC - Gerard AML - Messi AMC - Kaka AMR - C Ronaldo FC - F Torres
  12. i think this is the correct thread. What is the difference between pace and acceleration. which is more important for an attacking wing back or for a winger>>
  13. Code: ST AML AMC MC MR DMC DL DC DC DR GK PhroX, this formation of yours looks great and i think you have just created a formation that is exactly the way man utd play. GOOD JOB! however, i think that the AML should become a ML while the MR becomes a AMR.(with ronaldo occupying this position of course!. To be more attacking, the full backs can have Farrows. do you have any specific instructions for players in this formation?
  14. Tymoschuk vs Palombo

    both are good but why don't you compare their stats in your game and judge them. what do you want them for? DMC? but don't worry, Tymoschuk is just as good as Palombo.