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  1. I am curious as to how club finances work. I enjoy starting in lower league clubs and get them promoted or by getting offered jobs in other clubs, either by them headhunting me (never happens) or me searching other jobs. I am now at a lower league club, doesn´t matter what one but I am having serious problems with the clubs finances. I am well below the wage limit for the players and if I count in the staffs wages in that it is also well below the limit and yet somehow the club slips further and further into the red. All I can se is a post called "Other" that is quite large and I have no idea what to do about it. How does the finances work?
  2. Hi. Thanks for the answer! You are right about uploading pictures of the tactics and so on. My problem/s are. 1, I have tried so many tactics and "setups" that I can´t choose which one to upload pictures from. As I said earlier, have tried to create tactics on my own and have tried a bunch from Steam workshop and it´s the same. Constantly loosing. doesnt matter if I set the team or the assistant does it. 2, don´t know how to upload pictures. No biggie. Gonna take a break from the game due to frustration. Still gonna watch "Youtubers" and be envious about that they know what they are doing. Haha.
  3. Hi everyone. havent written here for ages but I am now in desperate need of help! I do what I always do when a new FM is out. Start with "my" Sirius that is located in Swedish "Superettan" and it goes as it always does, straight to h-ll! I really need help. If someone can take a peek at the team and give me a few pointers/ideas I would be sooo greatful! I have tried it all it feels like. Created my own tactics = loosing all the time. Downloaded tactics in Steam = loosing all the time. Letting my assistant recommend tactics = loosing all the time. I love the game and cant keep my fingera away from it but all this "loosing" is getting to me..........................
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