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  1. Anyone know what the problem is? my game literally turns off every hour or so, i play 4/5 games and then i hit continue for a fixture and suddenlY the game just turns off, no error explanation or anything, it means I'm saving after pretty much every game at the moment, it's so frustrating and i'm losing patience!
  2. Just wondering if it's a bug or something i don't understand. I've bought in two players in the conference who sign and then it tells me they need a work permit and i have to wait 120 days to apply for a work permit which has inevitably been rejected leaving me with two high earners who can't even play? is there something i'm missing or my mistake?
  3. Main gripe is when you press 'back' it doesn't take you to where you were when you are searching for players. Very frustrating if you're trying to look through 100's of players...
  4. Just a simple question really, if playing against wingers who are constantly running inside would it better to use full backs who are the other foot to the side which they play on. I.e left footed playing right back, rather than just right footed right back? Or even centre backs, if you're playing against Van Persie, it'd be better for a right footed centre back to mark him in order to be on his strong foot when making the tackle/block when Van Persie tries to use his favoured left foot. I was just wondering in FM game world, if this matters at all or anyone found they have better results by doing something similar to what's been said?
  5. Okay, thanks for the help guys. Maybe I shouldn't quite try to play like Barcelona in League 1 ...doesn't always play like I want!
  6. Can someone explain what precisely this is? Okay for example, I'm try to play a super possession based game, I want the goalkeeper only ever just playing it short. (also applies for defenders) for the most part, they do just play short, as I have their settings down to basically 3 sliders from the the very shortest but at times they try to play ridicolous balls, I don't know whether through panic and not being as good on the ball or simply because I have them on HIGH creative freedom so they do a little what they want. So for defenders and goalkeepers especially, would it be best to have them on limited creative freedom so they simply do what basically I want them too, simple and short or does a Low creative freedom also mean they will just hoof the ball out in panic rather than say collect a cross and pass it out. Or does it matter at all? Thanks.
  7. Anyone tried re-creating the 3 at the back system? I've got a great one in terms of results and possession but not quite passing stats of specific players i.e Xavi, I think it's because the midfield is too overloaded maybe. Won 12 la liga games in a row and have had at least 65% possession in all games, majority over 70%, with some reaching 80%+ ...but passing is spread out over the team, rather than Xavi making a lot more than others.
  8. I currently play 3 at the back with Barca. Alves ------Pique/Masch--------Abidal ----------------------Busquets------- ------------Xavi---------------------- --------Messi------Fabregas------Iniesta Sanchez-----------------Villa----------- I've won all 12 league games so far, I've had 70% possession in basically every game, 85% against Rayo Vallecano. I score goals, I don't concede many. The only annoying thing is Xavi, I struggle to get his passing stats to what they actually are. My passing is usually spread out, like against Rayo Vallecano, Abidal made 101, Pique made 80, Xavi made 80, Busquets 70, Iniesta 60, Messi 50, Fabregas, 60 etc... rather than Xavi 120 ... Great tactic though so far results wise.
  9. Nope, not the same status. I'm not far from being promoted into Champ so be interesting if I do qualify, what will happen. I will have to quit if I don't turn professional though, just spoiling any potential game. Where do I get FMRTE from/
  10. I've been promoted into League 1 with a non league club who were semi-pro, on previous FM's, as soon as I've gone into league 2, I turn professional, yet on this game ...nothing. Then nothing for league 1. (fm12) On the board interaction, the professional status is greyed out and says (club can't afford too) when I hover over it. Yet my balance has always been in the green and is currently £2.4 million in profit. Just makes the game extremely difficult when my players can't train properly and improve fully and also money situation and getting players to come for part-time contracts. My wage bill is £7k, teams in same division are paying individual players £7k! Anyone had this problem or can help?
  11. It's always been positive, usually like £500k ....right now, in league 1, just about to start 4th season and balance of £2 million. Bit of a joke now, having to have part time players in league one!
  12. Yet to post but I'm doing this challenge. I've been promoted into League 1 with FC United of Manchester yet the club still isn't professional and nor can I ask to be professional because when I hover over greyed out option, it says about lack of finance.... Also anyone sign Jamil Adam? He just left me on a free (wanted stupid wages) ....he scored 170 goals in 152 games in 3 seasons for me. He was unbelievable. But yeah, mainly the first question, why is this, anyone else suffered similar problem???
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