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  1. Anyone know what the problem is? my game literally turns off every hour or so, i play 4/5 games and then i hit continue for a fixture and suddenlY the game just turns off, no error explanation or anything, it means I'm saving after pretty much every game at the moment, it's so frustrating and i'm losing patience!
  2. Just wondering if it's a bug or something i don't understand. I've bought in two players in the conference who sign and then it tells me they need a work permit and i have to wait 120 days to apply for a work permit which has inevitably been rejected leaving me with two high earners who can't even play? is there something i'm missing or my mistake?
  3. Main gripe is when you press 'back' it doesn't take you to where you were when you are searching for players. Very frustrating if you're trying to look through 100's of players...
  4. It's always been positive, usually like £500k ....right now, in league 1, just about to start 4th season and balance of £2 million. Bit of a joke now, having to have part time players in league one!
  5. Yet to post but I'm doing this challenge. I've been promoted into League 1 with FC United of Manchester yet the club still isn't professional and nor can I ask to be professional because when I hover over greyed out option, it says about lack of finance.... Also anyone sign Jamil Adam? He just left me on a free (wanted stupid wages) ....he scored 170 goals in 152 games in 3 seasons for me. He was unbelievable. But yeah, mainly the first question, why is this, anyone else suffered similar problem???
  6. Moving into channels ... I have a right winger, run from deep often but don't want him as a winger hugging touchline, shall I put move into channels? I want the runs he makes to be inside the CB/FB area? Or am I getting this wrong?
  7. It's hard to fully replicate Barca but I'm doing (IMO) a fairly good job. Swansea City, every game in Premiership, I've had more possession and in large majority, even including United ..60%+. My deep lying playmaker makes around 60-80 passes per game, sometimes more and sometimes (Arsenal/City away, 45-50ish) against Man United, he made 93 passes out of 100 attempted which was pretty impressive. He's also only 19 so can only get better, while not too mention, more teams will possibly sit back after my 10th place finish when they play at home, so should mean get more and more on the ball. The problem is breaking teams down still, hard to get that balance between making good runs to get in behind but also making sure enough players are dropping deeper so there are always options on. A bit different to Barca in that I have both full backs bombing on and not just the one, although I guess Barca still do push on the other full back but not quite to the extent of Alves. Also, I play with a DM, CM, AM, ST ....again different. Danny Graham up front, I didn't want to try 'total football' in possibly the shape Barca play (when playing 4-3-3 as 3-4-3 is too difficult to replicate IMO)...where Messi drops in the hole, so I have got a striker in Graham that has runs from deep on 'medium' so he does both show and cause a goal threat. My attacking midfielder to be fair doesn't push on, so in that way, I do recreate the Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta feel to things, with Joe Allen, Verratti and J.Viera (not quite the same quality mind!) Trying to get both inside forwards to make runs in between full backs/centre backs. Sometimes to success, sometimes not so. Something I'm trying to work on, which hopefully will also keep allowing the wing backs to bomb on. I'm hoping once I bring in more quality and better players, it will grow as a tactic and only improve, rather than show little progression which I found on FM2011. Has anyone else been trying to keep this going?
  8. What are people's possession stats and individual passing stats? It's all well and good winning so many games but if you aren't controlling the ball almost every single occasion bar the odd one or two games then it doesn't feel right. Same with the players, I can't win a game 4-0 with Barcelona only to find Xavi has made 31 passes. Alves has made 72. Iniesta 27 etc....just doesn't feel right.
  9. http://www.101greatgoals.com/videodisplay/fail!-philippe-senderos-slip-the-tongue-when-talking-about-joey-barton-15311577/ Geniunally funny video for you all to enjoy. LOL!
  10. Well Miquel (came on for majority of match) and Jenkinson. Obviously not having natural left sided full back in Gibbs, missing Koscielny, Djourou as CB's. Wilshere, Song and Gervinho all usually would play obviously couldn't. Sagna had to move to LB. So arguably from their first X1, they were weaker in at RB, CB, LB, DM, CM, WG ...(Sagna, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Wilshere, Gervinho) as well as having players such as Djourou, Rosicky, Diaby who would usually be the players to come in for players missing out. Certainly when Miquel came on, it was the weakest I've ever seen Arsenal in terms of the 11 out on the field and bench in the Premiership. Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs, Song, Wilshere, Diaby, Rosicky, Gervinho all to come back for them as well as a 2-3 new signings, they should be fine. (Although losing Nasri will be of course a blow) Not taking away anything from the job Liverpool did, you still have to go out and win but I do think Arsenal were very weak and wish Villa were playing them sometime soon! (unfortunately not the case) Some would say Arsenal are weakest at the back but at the moment, it seems it's going forward where the problems lie most. A good stat from the weekend was that for the first time ever in the Premiership, (116 games I think) Stoke had more than 50% possession in a match.
  11. Downing is one of the only players who when you watch him for the opposition, you think he ain't great, it's solid left winger who can put in a decent cross. That's about as much as I thought when he was at Boro, about as highly as most fans outside of the team he plays for rates him. However once he's in your team, watching him regularly and far more closely, he offers so much and as said, at £20 million, he'll prove a bargain. (within the modern market) Very clever footballer, bags of ability with the ball and a great turn of pace. His only fault is that what you saw vs Sunderland regarding the run and strike that hit the bar, he doesn't do that often enough for a man that well simply put, can do that. Perhaps playing within a better team and bigger stage will give him the confidence to be more direct on occasions. Enrique - Class, always has been. Henderson - As said when first signed, for the fee paid, it is a joke. What does he actually do? He isn't a defensive midfielder, he isn't creative, he won't open a team up. He can't go past players, he doesn't contribute to the goal tally in a substantial way. I'm just not sure what he adds to a team. There's no 'flashes' where you think 'we have a real player' .. Was surprised in Kenny's selection, leaving Suarez out. I guess you can see the reasoning behind it but it was still a poor decision, I think if you play 1 up front (especially without a midfielder of a say Gerrard who supports well as a 2nd striker), you always need that striker to be mobile. Arsenal are just as weak in behind as they are in the air and can be exposed. Arsenal looked pretty poor but given the team they had out, it wasn't surprising. Frimpong did well though, even if the sending off was blatantly obvious from the first booking onwards. Walcott was uninvolved and when he was, did extremely little. I'm not sure what's worse though, having someone extremely uninvolved or Asharvin who put in one of the worst performances in Premiership recent history. Truely horrific. Nothing really has changed with Arsenal from what people knew before the season started. They need to sign players and quickly. I'll still maintain my prediction of Arsenal nicking 4th on the small expectation of Wenger actually signing a few players but without 3 new signings of quality standard, will happily change that to Liverpool. In terms of Villa, excellent 3 points, great goal from Agbonlahor. Delph now fit and showing exactly why he was a much sought after youngster before we signed him, although unfortunately Albrighton is now possibly showing his true colours (well he did at the back end of the season also) in that he just isn't good enough. Heskey, still clinical as ever.
  12. 1st. Chelsea 2nd. Man United 3rd. Man City 4th. Arsenal 5th. Liverpool 6th. Spurs 7th. Everton 8th. Fulham 9th. Aston Villa 10th. West Brom 11th. Sunderland 12th. Stoke 13th. Newcastle 14th. Bolton 15th. Wolves 16th. Wigan 17th. Swansea 18th. Blackburn 19th. Norwich 20th. QPR
  13. Enrique would be a cracking signing, he's a top left back. Adam is a better player than Henderson but I do think Adam is a tier below Liverpool, at the Everton/Villa's of this world. Just think as you say, tries the hollywood pass just far too often and gives the ball back to the opposition way too much at the moment while defensively doesn't offer that much. I think he's a 6-10th sort of player. Henderson, I just don't see it. I'll eat my hat if he turns out to be anything more than an "okay" player, he'll be sold on within 4 years. I just don't understand where the hype comes from. Liverpool will finish 5th I think, possibly 4th. It'll be tight.
  14. I still believe you'll be pleasantly surprised with the quality Downing brings. United bought Young who is similar if not slightly worse than Downing so I think you've done well. Adam and Henderson though ...
  15. I think Arsene Wenger is a truely brilliant manager who is almost a victim of his own success and his philosophy actually helps Arsenal more than it hinders them. The fact given the money he has at his disposal, manages to regularly challenge at the top of the Premiership is exceptional management. yes they fall short but that's only natural when 3 clubs regularly outspend them, have bigger squads with better players. now 4 with Liverpool. (in terms of spend, debatable on quality, I agree with dan_simmonds, bought plenty but apart from Suarez, Downing, Carroll imo not huge improvements i.e. Adam/Henderson) Arsenal can't outspend teams, although admittedly run a high wage bill which allows them to spend big wages but their philosophy I think allows them to bring in players and keep players easier because players like playing on a pitch like that, football in (imo) it's right form under a manager who allows them to express themselves. If they change their philosophy, well I just don't see the benefits, they haven't got the financial backing to actually compete for the title anyway so they aren't suddenly going to become a title winner if they just tweak their system. You look at their best players and how cheap they are compared to other clubs best players, for example, Liverpool spent £20 million on Henderson, who is quite frankly average IMO, Arsenal's record signing doesn't even cost £20 million. Wenger buys good players and makes them very good/great and then fans seem to moan that he's not doing more with them. Admittedly they need a CB, although saying that if Koscielny and Vermaelen stay fit, I think they will form a formidable partnership. The calls of signing someone like Samba is absolutely laughable though. Like Hangeland, just wouldn't fit. I think Gary Cahill would be great though, good mix of a very good defender who will head anything that comes his way and defends properly but is still a fairly cultured defender. Or even Scott Dann. Under-rated defender. It should be an interesting top 4 battle and I think 4th will be out of Arsenal and Liverpool, baring an injury crisis, I do believe Arsenal will get their if they keep hold of their team and add 1/2 players. As said, Liverpool have added players and will hugely improved on last season but have their players really improved them? I'd say no. While Gerrard and Carragher are in decline who are usually both pretty key to any success Liverpool have had in the past. Liverpool's midfield is too weak though for me. A lot of players but all very average. In fact I'd say Lucas is probably the best central midfielder they have, good player but not someone who I'd like as the best in a midfield challenging for top 4. I'd take Song, Wilshere, Fabregas, Nasri all in my midfield before I'd even consider someone from Liverpool (baring Gerrard) .. I'd possibly even add Ramsey to that list. I also think Koscielny and Vermaelen is a better central pair than anything Liverpool have while Van Persie is a better striker than Carroll. Not to say the players for Liverpool aren't very good players but I just rate the players I mentioned from Arsenal a little higher. I do think we'll see a top 5 though, for (possibly the first time?? I don't know) all over 70 points. Tottenham lagging behind in 6th with about 60-64 points. Then likes of Everton, Sunderland, Newcastle, Fulham, Villa all between 49-56 ish.
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